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  • Publicatie datum May 22, 2023
  • Auteur Joost van Hulst
  • Laatst aangepast May 22, 2023
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When it comes to guiding people and vehicles efficiently and safely through a given space, lining for walkways is critical.

Whether in warehouses, factory halls, parking garages or public areas, lining can help optimize traffic flow and increase safety.

In this article, we discuss the importance of lineation for walkways, what to look for when installing lineation, the different options for lineation and what ICM Projects can do for companies looking to install lineation.

The importance of floor lining for walkways

Floor lining for walkways is very important to many businesses because it ensures a safe and organized work environment.

The use of walkways is intended to allow employees and visitors to move through space safely and efficiently, without being hindered by obstacles or ambiguities.

This is especially important in industrial and manufacturing environments, where workplace safety is an absolute priority.

In addition, floor lining can increase employee productivity because it creates clarity about walking routes and the placement of tools and materials.

All in all, floor lining in large industrial halls, production halls, workshops and warehouses ensures a smoother and more efficient work process. Not only the company, but also the staff will reap the benefits.

What should you pay attention to when installing walkway lining?

Before you take the step of applying lines for walkways of, there are a number of things you should not anticipate.

First, it is important to map out traffic flows and determine where lining is needed to best guide these flows. Keep safety and regulations in mind when doing this.

Walkways in industrial halls should be wide enough to guide the flow of people and vehicles. In addition, there should be sufficient emergency exits and fire extinguishers available.

When choosing materials and colors for the lines, you must also consider the surroundings. For example, brightly colored lining provides more visibility in dark environments.

Also be aware that you should use different colors to avoid confusion among personnel. For example, choose clear, yellow lining for walkways and white lining for storage areas.

The possibilities of lineation for walkways

There are several options in terms of lineation for walkways, which can be used to guide traffic flows and increase safety.

Lines are the most common form of lining in this case and can be used to mark pedestrian zones, lanes for vehicles or parking spaces, for example.

Arrows can help indicate the direction of traffic flow, while symbols can be used to indicate directions to emergency exits or emergency showers, for example.

When lanes and walkways run close together in an industrial environment, it might be wise to label the individual paths with pedestrian and forklift logos. In any case, the possibilities are endless.

What can ICM mean for you in terms of walkway lining?

At ICM Projects, we understand better than anyone the importance of safe and efficient walkways. Therefore, we offer various solutions for the installation of new company floors with lines.

Our skilled team can apply floor markings using epoxy or PU roller coating. As a result, the lines are well protected against moisture, dirt and dust, remaining clearly visible and lasting longer.

Would you like more information about the possibilities of lineation for walkways or would you like to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities? Feel free to contact us or drop by our showroom. We would be happy to help you further!


Joost van Hulst
Joost van Hulst

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