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Maintaining floors is very important, but as a business, sometimes you do not have enough people or time to maintain the floor of your business premises. Nevertheless, it is very important to do so for the sake of the life of the floor. Here it is essential to clean the floor in the right way. That way you don’t have to install a new floor every few years. At ICM Projects we understand that maintaining floors is not always easy. That is why we are happy to help you with this and tell you more about our services on this page.

Floors in use need love, our love for floors is reflected in the maintenance. From changing/repairing carpet (tiles), repairing holes in epoxy floors with a spray or stripping and applying a new Monel film on marmoleum. We know it all and love to play the floor doctor! In addition, it is mega important to maintain your floors in the right ways, every floor is different and thus needs separate love. If you do this properly, you will obviously enjoy your floor much longer.

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Give love to maintenance!

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Floor maintenance: we take care of it for you!

Why is floor maintenance so important?

You obviously want to be able to use a floor in your office, warehouse or other commercial space for as long as possible. In that case, it is important to perform floor maintenance. Not only for reasons of hygiene, but mainly because of the durability of the floor. After all, a well-maintained floor will last longer and continue to look good for a longer period of time. Employees will also feel more comfortable on a clean floor.

Since a floor that is properly maintained lasts longer, it may be smart to have a low-maintenance floor installed. Consider PU, epoxy or PVC that are all installed seamlessly. This makes cleaning the floor easier and a major upkeep will only be needed once every so often.

Floor maintenance of different types of floors

We at ICM Projects not only specialize in flooring installation, but also in flooring maintenance. In doing so, you can have different types of floors cleaned by our expert team.

It is essential that a certain type of floor is maintained and cleaned in the right way for optimal results. That is why we always recommend having this done by professionals. In that case, you have come to the right place with us, as we provide maintenance for the following types of floors:

  • Carpet
  • PVC floor
  • PU floor
  • Epoxy floor

For the above types of floors you can hire us to take care of the floor maintenance. But why is this so important and what can you do about it yourself? Below you can read more about the maintenance of different types of floors.

Carpet cleaning

We often see carpet in office spaces, as it creates a pleasant atmosphere and is comfortable to walk on. However, it can quickly develop stains that cannot be easily removed. In that case you might need some extra help.

At ICM Projects we are specialized in deep carpet cleaning, where we can (in most cases) remove all stains and dirt from the carpet. This not only gives you a beautiful carpet again, but also prevents unpleasant odors that can be caused by dirt. Therefore, have the carpet cleaned regularly.

Cleaning a PVC floor

Floor maintenance of a PVC floor is essential for the sake of its longevity. Since PVC is becoming increasingly popular in homes, offices and other commercial spaces, it is important to maintain it properly.

You can at least make sure that the floor is swept or vacuumed daily. Should it still be stained? Then you can enlist our help. We will then ensure that the floor is fully cleaned again, so that you will have a ‘good as new’ floor for a long time to come.

Cleaning PU and epoxy floors

PU and epoxy floors are a synthetic resin floors that are generally easy to maintain. This is partly because these types of floors are applied seamlessly. As a result, they are moisture-resistant and dust and dirt cannot get trapped anywhere.

In most cases, you can already keep the floor beautiful by mopping regularly with lukewarm water. However, do not use detergents with soap, as this can cause unsightly, greasy stains. Moreover, the sun can also cause unsightly stains in a cast floor in the form of discoloration.

Do you have a beautiful cast floor in your commercial or office space? Then have it deep cleaned by professionals every so often. We from ICM Projects are happy to help you with this and use the best means to remove fading and stains from the floor. This way you can enjoy a beautiful floor and your employees can perform well again.

Floor maintenance by ICM Projects

We know better than anyone else that as a business you don’t always have the time to perform floor maintenance. In that case, let our skilled team with a passion for floors do it for you.

For certain types of floors it is essential to do a major maintenance job every so often. By maintenance we mean cleaning the floor and possibly applying a new coating (for cast floors). If your maintenance takes too long, the damage to the floor can only get worse. So always address this in time and enlist the help of our professionals.

What does floor maintenance cost with us?

The cost of flooring maintenance depends on several factors. Because of this, we cannot say specifically what the exact price will be. For example, the cost depends on the type of floor, the type of maintenance and the area of the floor. Then, based on these factors, we can determine what the total cost will be.

Would you like to know immediately what the costs will be for the maintenance of your floor? Then request a free, no-obligation quote. It is also possible for us to visit you to see what needs to be done and determine the costs on that basis. Moreover, we will always discuss the possibilities and alternatives with you.

Other problems with the floor?

When we talk about floor maintenance we are not just talking about cleaning the floor. Although this is an important part of maintenance, it is not the only thing that needs to be done.

For example, the top layer of your PU, epoxy or other type of cast floor may need replacing. We are happy to help you with this and can quickly come and apply a new epoxy coating to protect the floor from moisture, dust and dirt again.

It is also possible that something goes wrong with the floor and needs to be fixed quickly. In that case, it is good to know that we are on standby 24/7 for emergencies. So feel free to contact us when the need arises and we will come to your rescue as soon as possible. After all, that is the service of ICM Projects.

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