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Are you looking for a distinctive company floor? Then you have come to the right place at ICM Projects. Our team has completed many projects at various large companies and organizations where the floors are still functioning optimally. A suitable floor for your company is extremely important to perform well. Therefore, it is important that it meets certain requirements so that you can be assured that the floor will last as long as possible. Also remember that durability is an important aspect when choosing a suitable floor, of course you do not want to have to buy a new floor in 1 year’s time. Check out our product range and choose the suitable industrial floor for your company or organization.

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Why is a good industrial floor so important?

Industrial floors are, without you even realizing it, extremely important for your company. Take this very seriously, because for some companies the building contributes to the image. Think of showrooms, catering establishments and many other types of companies where customers come over.

A good floor is also essential in industrial halls. For example, there are often heavy machines running and various chemicals can be used. In that case it is important that the floor is resistant to acids and can withstand extreme loads. It is also a bonus if the floor is easy to maintain. Dusting and cleaning the floor should therefore not take much time.

For industrial halls, the functionality of the floor is paramount. In addition, the staff must be able to work well on this, so that performance is improved. ICM Projects can realize all this in no time. Come and have a cup of coffee with us and schedule an appointment!

How do you choose the right floor for your business?

The commercial floors in our range meet all quality requirements and are properly installed. But how do you choose the perfect floor for your business? It is important to look carefully at the business activities in order to determine what the floor needs to meet.

For example, do you have a car showroom? Then the floor needs to be able to handle sufficient loads & look sleek and neat at the same time. In addition, you may have a large industrial hall that just has to be able to withstand extreme loads. In that case, you have very different options from a car showroom.

Whatever your company’s needs are, we at ICM Projects are happy to help you find the most suitable floor. Feel free to visit our showroom or contact our team.

What should you consider with industrial flooring?

There are a number of things to consider when having industrial floors installed. We from ICM Projects would like to tell you more about this. That way you know in advance exactly what to think about and there will be as little disruption as possible during the work.

Different materials for industrial floors

It is extremely wise to think carefully in advance about what kind of material should be used. This of course depends on the expected functionalities and the business activities being performed. Fortunately, with us you can choose from a wide range, so that every type of company can come to us for a suitable floor. With us you can choose:

  • Epoxy roller coatings
  • Epoxy casting floors
  • Trowel floors
  • PMMA floors

All types of floors from our range meet the best quality requirements and offer the total solution for your company. They are all incredibly strong and easy to apply in different types of companies. They do differ in price and characteristics, but we are therefore happy to help you find the right one! When will you visit our showroom?

How large is the surface area?

With commercial flooring, surface area plays a big role in price. It is therefore a good idea to think about this before buying a floor. Generally speaking, the larger the surface, the lower the price per square meter.

For example, do several rooms need a strong floor? Then it is wise to have it all done at once. Not only will you save money per square meter, you will also finish the whole project in one go. Then you no longer have to worry about anything and you can take full advantage of a good floor.

Laying the flooring for your business

Laying industrial floors is no problem at all for us, but this may be less favorable for companies. By laying the floor, work can come to a standstill, and that does not make any entrepreneur happy. However, at ICM Projects we always think in terms of solutions and we are happy to give personal advice on how we can best tackle a project together. As a result, work is compromised as little as possible.

There are various solutions for minimizing disruption to the work during the installation of the floor. One of these options is to have a PMMA floor installed. The most advantageous feature of this type of floor is that the drying time is only two hours. The floor can then be fully loaded again, so that the work only has to be stopped for 2 hours. An additional advantage is that PMMA floors are just as strong as concrete industrial floors.

It is also possible that your business premises are not yet in use. In that case, laying a company floor is no problem at all. Curious about the possibilities? Contact our team who will be happy to provide you with advice to achieve the best result together.

Industrial floor coating

Is your company’s current floor in need of an overhaul? Then coating a company floor can be a good solution. Not only is this a good decision price-wise, but also time-saving. After all, there is no need to install an entirely new floor and the coating can simply be laid over an existing floor.

Moreover, with a coating topcoat you protect the underlying floor from dirt and liquids. It is also possible to add markings and floor lines to the coating floor. In some industrial halls, this can come in handy when there is a certain direction of travel for forklifts. But of course also for in parking garages where parking spaces need to be indicated. All perfect situations where choosing a coating floor is a good choice.

What is the cost of industrial flooring?

The price of commercial flooring depends greatly on the size of a particular project. The larger the area, the lower the price per square meter. In addition, the choice of material also plays a role in determining the total cost. Therefore, request a free, no-obligation quote for a project to determine the costs. That way you will know immediately whether it is within budget or whether you should look at other possibilities.

Ask for advice from our expert team or visit our showroom to discuss the possibilities. Moreover, we can also visit your company to provide tailored advice. Whatever your wishes are, at ICM Projects we will make them come true!

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