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Warehouses are often large and busy spaces in which many work processes take place. It is important that these processes run as efficiently and safely as possible.

An important aspect that contributes to this is the lining of the warehouse floor. It helps to optimize the space and increase the safety of employees.

On this page you can read why lineation in warehouses is important, what the guidelines are and what the possibilities are with lineation for a warehouse.

In brief:

  • Optimal layout of space in a warehouse
  • Create clarity with driving routes and walkway lines
  • Eases the overall work process
  • Safe working environment for staff

What is the importance of lineation in a warehouse?

Lineation in a warehouse is important because of several reasons. In addition to the extra safety it provides, it will also contribute to an efficient and smooth work process. Below you can read more about the importance of lining on the warehouse floor.

Increasing security

One of the most important reasons for installing lineation in warehouses is to increase employee safety.

Through clear lineation, employees are aware of safe walking routes and where there are potentially dangerous situations, such as the edges of docks or racking with dangerous goods.

Optimization of space

Lineation in a warehouse can help optimize space. For example, you can add lining for parking spaces for forklifts and other vehicles.

In this way, more space can be freed up for storage of goods. This helps to divide and use the available space more efficiently.

Efficiency in work processes

Applying lineation in a warehouse can help make work processes more efficient. By marking the floor with lineation, for example for entrances and exits or zones for specific activities, the flow of goods and employees can be optimized. Many companies benefit from a solid lining production hall.

Comply with regulations and guidelines

Of course, it is also important to install lining to comply with regulations and guidelines. Many warehouses have to deal with certain safety regulations and standards, of which lining is an important part of ensuring worker safety.

Guidelines for lines in a warehouse

When you are going to install lines in your warehouse, it is important to keep in mind some guidelines. These guidelines ensure a clear and safe environment for employees and visitors to the warehouse.

One of the guidelines, regarding lineation in a warehouse, is to draw up a “traffic plan. This lists the rules and meanings of the different types (colors) of lineation, so that no ambiguity arises here.

It is important that the lines meet the guidelines and match the traffic plan to avoid confusion.

Colors of lines in a warehouse

An important aspect of the lines in a warehouse are the colors. Using different colors can help distinguish the different zones and paths in the warehouse.

For example, yellow can be used for aisles where pedestrians walk and blue for the areas where vehicles such as forklifts travel.

Width and distance of the lines

In addition to colors, it is important to observe the minimum width and distance of the lines. For example, lines for pedestrian paths should be at least 60 cm wide.

The distance between the lines and any scaffolding should be at least 5 cm. This always leaves sufficient space between the walking and driving routes, preventing collisions.

Placement of warehouse lines

Lineation in a warehouse should always remain visible and should not be covered by objects or pallets. Lineation should also be applied in a clear and consistent manner.

For example, one can choose to apply the lines of lines according to the plumb lines of the racking or the contours of the goods.

Warehouse lines applied by ICM Projects

Applying lines in a warehouse is a precise job. It is therefore advisable to outsource this to a specialized company. We at ICM Projects can help you with this. Our experienced team of professionals is specialized in applying lines for company floors.

When applying the lines we use epoxy or PU roller coating. These coatings are of high quality and provide durable lineation that remains highly visible. It is resistant to moisture, dirt and dust, among other things, so that the lines do not fade and therefore last a long time.

Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us and visit our showroom. We can also discuss the possibilities on location and look together at the specific business needs for the lining in your warehouse.


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