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A gravel floor is a unique and durable floor that consists of millions of small stones that are connected by a transparent or colored synthetic resin. It gives a natural and attractive look to any room and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our gravel floors are an excellent choice for various commercial applications. On this page you will discover everything you need to know about gravel floors, their properties and benefits, as well as why they are ideal for the commercial sector.

What is a gravel floor?

A gravel floor is a floor system that consists of two layers: a bottom layer and a top layer. The bottom layer is a leveling layer that ensures a flat and stable surface, while the top layer is the actual gravel floor, which consists of millions of small stones that are connected by a synthetic resin.

These stones usually come from rivers or seas and are washed, dried and sieved according to size. The synthetic resin is a synthetic material that ensures the adhesion, hardness and shine of the floor. With a gravel floor you benefit from the best of both worlds: aesthetics and functionality.

What are the properties of a gravel floor?

A gravel floor has several properties that make it an attractive and practical floor. For example, a gravel floor is:

  • Robust and wear-resistant
  • Seamless and hygienic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Anti slip

What are the advantages of a gravel floor?

A gravel floor has several advantages over other types of floors, especially for the business sector. Some important advantages of gravel floors are:

  • Long lifespan
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Quick installation
  • Versatile design options

Gravel floors are versatile flooring solutions that excel in different environments. With their durability, attractive appearance and practical properties, they are often chosen for a variety of purposes. Here are some prominent uses of gravel floors:


Gravel floors are ideal for shops because of their durability and attractive appearance. They can easily handle intensive store traffic and are easy to maintain. This makes this type of floor ideal as a shop floor.


Showrooms require a professional, representative appearance. A gravel floor contributes to this with its modern look and wear-resistant properties. Therefore, definitely consider the option of a gravel floor as a floor for a showroom.


Comfort and functionality are of great importance in offices. A gravel floor offers both, with the option to integrate underfloor heating for extra comfort. Gravel floors offer the perfect combination of comfort and functionality and are therefore very suitable as a floor for an office space.


Hygiene is essential in hospitals. A seamless gravel floor will therefore function perfectly as a hospital floor. A gravel floor meets the highest standards and is easy to clean.

Dental practices

Dental practices require a sterile environment. A gravel floor contributes to this through its seamless surface and easy cleaning. In addition, the strong properties of a gravel floor make it an ideal candidate for a dental practice floor.

Swimming pools

Slip resistance is crucial around swimming pools. In that case, a gravel floor offers a safe surface that is resistant to water and chemicals. The option of a gravel floor as a floor around a swimming pool is therefore certainly worth considering.

Why are gravel floors ideal for the business and commercial sector?

Gravel floors are ideal for the business and commercial sector, because they meet all the requirements for a professional floor. Gravel floors are:

  • Representative: gravel floors give a positive and impressive impression to your customers, partners and employees. They show that you pay attention to detail, quality and style. This increases the value and image of your company.
  • Functional: they are suitable for any type of activity, sector and space. Gravel floors are resistant to intensive use, wear, stains and chemicals. They are also anti-slip, insulating, sound-absorbing and comfortable.
  • Flexible: gravel floors can be composed entirely according to your wishes. You can choose from different types, sizes, colors and patterns of gravel. You can also have your own logo, text or image incorporated into the floor. This way you create a unique and personal floor that suits your company.
  • Affordable: Gravel floors are relatively cheap compared to other types of floors. The materials required are not too expensive and the installation does not take too long. In addition, gravel floors have low maintenance costs and a long lifespan, making them a smart investment that quickly pays for itself.
  • Ecological: a gravel floor is environmentally friendly and consists of recycled and renewable materials. Gravel floors also contain no harmful substances or solvents and have low CO2 emissions. This makes gravel floors a sustainable choice that fits with the social responsibility of companies.

How much does a gravel floor cost?

The price of a gravel floor depends on various factors, such as the size, thickness, color, pattern, type of gravel, type of synthetic resin, substrate, finish and installation. The price of a gravel floor is usually calculated per square meter.

For an exact quote for a new gravel floor, please contact us without obligation or request a quote online. We are happy to visit you to discuss your wishes and measure the space. We will then make a tailor-made quotation without obligation.

Have a gravel floor laid by ICM Projects

If you want to have a gravel floor installed, ICM Projects is the right place for you. At ICM we specialize in installing floors for the business market.

With more than 20 years of experience in laying gravel floors in various sectors, such as shops, showrooms, offices, hospitals, dental practices and swimming pools, you are assured of a professional result. We only supply high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We work quickly, neatly and professionally.

Would you like to know more about our gravel floors or make an appointment for a no-obligation quote? Please contact us via the contact page on the website. We are happy to help you!

What is the lifespan of a gravel floor?

A well-maintained gravel floor can last for decades. For example, a gravel floor has a long lifespan of at least 20 years, provided it is properly maintained. This is partly because a gravel floor is resistant to wear, scratches, stains and chemicals.

The thickness of a gravel floor depends on the size of the gravel and the desired appearance. In general, a thickness of 6 to 8 millimeters is recommended for a gravel floor. This ensures good coverage, adhesion and comfort. A thicker layer can also be chosen for a more robust or luxurious appearance.

How long does a gravel floor need to dry?

A gravel floor must dry for approximately 24 to 48 hours before it can be walked on. This depends on the temperature, humidity and ventilation in the room. It is important not to strain or damage the floor during the drying process. After drying, the floor can be finished with a coating or sealer for extra protection and shine.

How should you maintain a gravel floor?

A gravel floor is easy to maintain with a vacuum cleaner and a mop. It is important to vacuum the floor regularly to remove dirt and dust. It is also important to mop the floor occasionally with a neutral cleaning agent to remove stains and grease.

We do not recommend using abrasive or acidic agents, as these can damage or discolor the floor. It is also not recommended to use too much water, as this can penetrate the pores of the gravel and cause mold.


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