Floor lineation

In warehouses, gymnasiums and industrial halls, we almost always see lines or markings on the floors. But how are these applied and on which floors is this possible? At ICM Projects we are not only specialized in the application of floors, but we can also mark or line them as desired. In a warehouse you can indicate the walking and/or driving direction and on a sports floor we can apply lines of the field. However, the floor has to be suitable for this. On this page we will tell you which floors are suitable for this and in what ways floor lines can be applied.

Where there is a road, there is a will. Do you want to clearly show the way? Then our mega clear floor lines come in handy!
Show where everyone is within your business space or garage. Can’t get away with it? Then we’ll help you make the right decisions. Clearly structured within the lines, that’s what we love! From template to icon, nothing is too crazy for us.

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Floor lines and floor marking: do it yourself or have it installed

Where is floor lining commonly used?

Lineation in warehouses and industrial halls is something we can hardly imagine doing without. This is because it can indicate driving directions or mark areas where you are not allowed. For companies, this is essential to prevent violent industrial accidents or to indicate more clearly what the rules are. So usually it is used for safety reasons, but it can also have another function.

There are also gymnasium lines to indicate the sports field. We all remember the different colored lines in the gymnasium at school. Each color indicates a different type of field, so the gym can be used to play different sports. So, as a school or business, this is definitely something to think about when having a floor installed. At ICM Projects, we are happy to think along with you!

Lineation in warehouse

Warehouse lining is often something we can no longer do without in business. After all, a lot of dangerous situations can arise in warehouses where meters-high racking is full of products.

In that case, it is wise to apply clear markings that, among other things, indicate the direction of travel and, for example, areas where you are not allowed to walk. This can prevent serious accidents, improving safety on the shop floor! For the staff, of course, this is a pleasant feeling and allows them to perform even better.

Lineation in gymnasium

Lineation of sports floors is a job in itself and must therefore be done with precision. For schools and large sports halls, this is definitely something to consider.

Do you opt for us to lay a floor in a gymnasium or sports hall? Then we can also apply the lines in one stroke. We do this by means of a special coating that ensures that the markings will not easily fade.

With the lineation in a sports hall you easily indicate the size of the playing field and you can even have multiple types of fields applied on one floor. By using different colors, it is possible to clearly indicate which lines are intended for, for example, green for soccer and blue for basketball.

What are the options?

Are you planning to apply floor lines in a warehouse, industrial hall, gymnasium or sports hall? Then you have many possibilities. First of all, you can choose from various colors, with which you can clearly indicate different types of markings. For example, choose red to indicate a dangerous area in the warehouse.

We can also apply different letters and numbers to the floor. With these you can indicate aisles and rows, for example, so that products can be found more easily.

Moreover, it is not only possible to have straight lines applied, circles and other shapes are also possible! When it comes to floor lines, you have an enormous amount of choice and possibilities. ICM Projects is happy to advise you on this!

Apply lines yourself or have them done by professionals?

At ICM projects, we know all about lining and marking floors. Therefore, we also know that it is difficult to do this yourself. Although there are simple options for lining floors, these are certainly not the best options.

For example, there is special line marking tape for companies that only want to mark some parts of the floor, an excellent short-term solution. But should you want to line an entire warehouse? Then that’s not a wise choice. After all, the tape will wear out faster over time and/or even come off. This keeps you constantly working with the lines and marking on the floor.

Instead, we advise you to get professional help, and in that case you have come to the right place. In addition to specializing in laying floors for businesses, we can also meet the needs of clients to have the floor lined or marked directly. So feel free to make an appointment, contact us or drop by our showroom. Here we can discuss the possibilities together over a cup of coffee.

What can ICM Projects do for you?

In the field of floor lines, we at ICM Projects can do a lot for you. The lining of warehouses, gymnasiums, business and sports halls are no problem for our skilled team. Not only can we come and lay a new floor, we also make sure that the floor lineation is applied properly. This way you kill two birds with one stone and the work does not have to stop for too long.

At ICM Projects we apply the floor markings professionally using epoxy or PU roller coating. The markings are thus well protected against moisture, dirt and dust so they remain clearly visible. Curious about the other possibilities? Feel free to make an appointment and visit our showroom. Another option is for us to visit you, so that we can discuss the possibilities on location.

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