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Project floors are floors that are laid, poured or installed in commercial projects. For example, do you have a large office or commercial building? Then a good floor is the foundation of the space. In doing so, the floors must meet certain quality requirements that match the business operations. Depending on the function, you can choose from different types of floors, including PVC floors, PU cast floors, Marmoleum and many more. But what should you look for when choosing a suitable project floor? And what are the possibilities? We would like to tell you more about project floors on this page.

From office to hotel. If you demand a lot from your floor and also want to show it off, we realize both hard and soft company floors that are durable and hygienic. For floors that you may use intensively.

– Project upholstery from soft to hard, from carpet to marmoleum.
– For all types of businesses such as offices, hotels and utilities.

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Project flooring: everything you need to know about it

What are project floors suitable for?

The term “project floors” actually indicates that the floors are used in certain projects. These are mainly commercial projects where the floor must meet certain quality requirements.

Take, for example, a new construction project where all homes must be fully furnished. Once the foundation is in place, one of the first things to do is to lay the floor. In that case, you can choose to provide all homes with the same type of floor. An advantage of this is that it then becomes a large project, which can make the price per square meter attractive.

In addition, a project floor is also suitable for business premises whose offices need a quality floor. After all, a nice floor contributes to a good working atmosphere, which can improve staff performance. In addition, the floor should also fit well with the business activities being carried out. In the hospitality industry, for example, it is not wise to lay a floor with a smooth finish.

So consider well in advance what the floor should be used for and ultimately base your choice on this. For this, you can also contact our expert team or we would be happy to visit you to take a look at the floor.

What are the possibilities?

At ICM Projects the possibilities are immense in terms of project floors. We have a solution for every business situation and are happy to help you find one.

First of all it is important to determine what the floor should be used for. Based on this you can determine what type of floor best suits the needs. For homes, for example, PU cast floors or PVC floors are a good choice, as they can be applied completely as you wish. Among other things, with this you create a warm feeling of home and you can combine it perfectly with the interior.

In offices, on the other hand, the floor should have a practical function and, of course, be pricey. We therefore often see that carpet is chosen, as it is easy to apply and also very practical.

Furthermore, project floors are also applied in schools, homes or dental practices. In practice, we see that rubber floors are often preferred in these cases. This is partly because they are very practical, but above all safe.

Whatever your wishes, at ICM Projects you will be at your beck and call and we will provide you with a beautiful new floor. Feel free to contact us for advice or stop by our showroom.

What are the properties of project floors?

In general, project floors are often a bit more complicated than floors in regular homes. Partly due to the arrival of new types of floors, including PVC floors and PU cast floors, there are now many possibilities. In addition, these types of floors are extremely suitable for commercial projects, as they meet certain properties.

There is also the possibility to combine different types of floors in projects nowadays. For example, a floor may require a different type of floor in connection with its functionality. Take, for example, a school that needs a different type of floor in the classroom than in the gymnasium. The possibility to combine gives a lot of freedom and offers even more possibilities.

Properties of project floors:

  • Maintenance:project floors that are laid in a commercial context must be maintenance-friendly or (partly) maintenance-free. Due to the arrival of floors such as PVC and PU floors, this is now easier to realize and therefore ideal for companies.
  • Function: Since floors often serve a specific function in a business context, it is nice that there is a wide choice. For example, are you looking for a floor for housing projects? Then a PVC floor can be the ideal solution. This type of floor meets the requirements for a home and gives it a natural look.
  • Sustainability:Technology is advancing rapidly these days and this is also the case with project floors. Floors are therefore being made more and more durable and also last a very long time. A good example of a sustainable floor is a Marmoleum floor.
  • Combination: For companies it is ideal that there is the possibility to combine different types of floors in projects. For example, one room will have to offer a different appearance than another room. Take a house in a new construction project as an example: the living room is usually fitted with a floor that radiates heat, while the bathroom floor must be practical.

Offerings from ICM Projects

At ICM Projects you have a wide choice from a wide and deep range of different types of floors. There is a suitable floor for every project. We are happy to help you find the most suitable one. We are therefore happy to tell you about the different types of floors from our range and what you can expect from them:

PVC floor

You can literally go in any direction with a PVC floor, as this type of floor is available in many different looks. You can choose to have the floor laid in strips or strips, depending on your personal preference. PVC floors are becoming increasingly popular and we are not surprised, because they are very practical, maintenance-friendly and extremely durable.

PU cast floor

A PU (polyurethane) cast floor is a floor that is applied seamlessly and can be used in many different areas. Due to the use of polyurethane resin, the floor has an elastic character and feels very nice to the feet. A major advantage of PU floors is that they last up to 30 years. An ideal choice for a durable floor.


Carpet is often installed in schools or office buildings. This is purely for practical and price reasons. However, you do have the choice of many different colors and the method of installation. For example, it is possible to opt for carpet tiles or to have the fabric laid out room wide.


Marmoleum is a type of floor covering that has been produced in the most sustainable way. The material is made of natural substances, which also contributes to a healthy indoor climate. In addition, the high quality and the beautiful design also come into play.

Rubber floor

We see rubber floors in some areas of homes, schools and gyms. This type of floor is the safest of all floors. For example, it is fire retardant, it has an anti-slip effect and it largely breaks the fall. Moreover, a rubber floor can withstand a lot of load.

What do project floors cost?

The cost of project floors depends greatly on several factors. These include the size of the project (the surface area) and the choice of materials.

A large part of the total cost is determined by the area of the project. In general, the larger the surface area, the lower the price per square meter. To determine the total cost, you can always request a free, no-obligation quote.

Think carefully beforehand about your choice of material or let our experienced team advise you. We are happy to help you find the suitable material that meets your expectations and quality requirements. Please contact us or visit our showroom to see the possibilities. We can always send an expert to visit you and give you tailored advice.

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