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  • Publicatie datum January 30, 2024
  • Auteur Joost van Hulst
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A restaurant floor is not just a surface, it is an essential part of the total atmosphere and experience that you want to offer your guests. We understand this better than anyone and strive to create floors that are not only aesthetically attractive, but also meet the highest functional requirements.

Let’s create the perfect restaurant floor together that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We will take into account the applicable requirements that a quality restaurant floor must meet.

What are important properties of a restaurant floor?

A restaurant floor must meet various requirements to function optimally in the catering environment. Some important properties are:

  • Hygienic
  • Anti slip
  • Wear-resistant
  • Durable
  • Sound-dampening
  • Fireproof
  • Stylish and aesthetic
  • Easy to maintain

Yes, there are legal requirements that a restaurant floor must meet. These requirements are laid down in various standards and guidelines. Below we will discuss with you the most important standards and guidelines for floors in a restaurant.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is an internationally recognized method for identifying and managing food safety risks. A restaurant floor must meet HACCP standards, which means that the floor must be extremely hygienic and not pose a risk to food safety. Read more about the HACCP guidelines for floors in the food industry on our page on this topic.


The CUR/PBV 65 is a Dutch recommendation that contains rules and requirements for the design, materials, construction and repair of liquid-tight concrete facilities. This means that a restaurant floor must be impermeable to prevent spilled liquids from penetrating the underlying structure.

Which floors are suitable for a restaurant?

At ICM Projects we offer a wide range of flooring solutions suitable for restaurants. Some popular options include:

  • PVC floors
  • Novilon floors
  • Carpet
  • Epoxy floors
  • PU floors
  • Trowel floors
  • MMA system floors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Bamboo floors

Depending on the function of the room in which the floor is installed, a specific floor type may be necessary to comply with hygiene and safety regulations.

Custom restaurant floor from ICM Projects

At ICM Projects we understand that every restaurant is unique and that the floor must fit the specific needs and style of your restaurant. That is why we offer custom restaurant floors.

We work closely with you to design a floor that not only meets all legal requirements, but also complements the aesthetics of the restaurant.

Whether you are looking for a floor that makes a statement or a floor that blends seamlessly into the interior, we have the expertise and materials to bring your vision to life.

Are there specific standards and requirements for a restaurant floor?

Yes, a restaurant floor must meet the HACCP standards and the CUR/PBV 65 standard. These impose requirements on, among other things, the hygiene, load-bearing capacity and finish of the floor.

What are the costs for a new restaurant floor?

The costs for a new restaurant floor depend on several factors, including the type of floor chosen, the surface area of the room and any preparatory work. Please feel free to contact us for a tailor-made quote without obligation.

How long does it take to install a floor in a restaurant?

On average, you can count on an installation time of a few days to a week. Our professionals strive to keep inconvenience to a minimum, so that your guests can quickly enjoy your restaurant again.


Joost van Hulst
Joost van HulstCEO

Purchasing a company floor does not happen overnight. A good floor is only the basis for high work performance if you and your colleagues function optimally in it. For that simple reason, CEO Joost van Hulst makes sure every project runs smoothly every day. We get to the bottom of things for our clients. From administrative offices to hospitals. Ready to perform? The floor is yours.

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