Lineation in a production hall, industrial hall or workshop

  • Publicatie datum May 22, 2023
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If you have a production hall, warehouse or workshop, it is important to create safe and efficient working conditions. An essential part of this is the lineation of the workplace.

Good lineation ensures overview, safety and efficiency on the shop floor. This will benefit the speed of the work process and ensure clarity among employees.

At ICM Projects the possibilities in terms of floor lining are endless and we are happy to give you advice on this. We take into account the specific needs of your company and the guidelines that apply.

Why is floor lining important in the workplace?

Floor markings serve several purposes. First, it helps create a clear and organized work environment. By applying lines and symbols, you can indicate walking routes, demarcate areas and communicate safety regulations, for example. This ensures an efficient work environment and helps prevent accidents.

In addition, floor lining helps optimize the logistical processes in the workshop, production or industrial hall. The use of color codes or symbols can help identify different work areas and materials, allowing employees to work faster and more efficiently.

Lineation usually provides a neat and professional look to the work environment. This can have a positive impact on productivity and customer experience.

Possibilities for lines in a production hall

There are several options when it comes to applying lines in a production hall. At ICM Projects we use epoxy or PU roller coating. This is a durable and efficient way to apply lineation.

Besides the standard lining, various other markings are also possible. Think for example of arrows, symbols and specific markings for dangerous areas or storage areas.

In addition, the colors of the lineation can be adjusted to indicate specific areas. For example, white can be used to indicate storage areas and red for hazardous areas.

With the ability to also apply letters and numbers, you can identify specific aisles. This allows you to create clarity about where certain goods are stored.

Application of lineation in production halls, industrial halls and workshops

Lineation in production halls, industrial halls and/or workshops can be applied in various ways, depending on the specific needs of the work environment and the type of work taking place there. Some of the ways in which lining can be applied are described below:

  • Defining walkways and safety zones: in a production hall, warehouse or workshop, it is important to define clear walkways and safety zones. This can be done, for example, using colored lines or pictograms on the floor, commonly used for explosion safety purposes. In this way, employees and visitors are informed about where they can and cannot walk, and where they must be extra careful.
  • Indication of storage areas: for warehouses and storage areas, it can be useful to use lineation to indicate different storage areas. For example, different types of goods may each have their own storage area, or there may be clearly defined areas for hazardous materials or objects.
  • Parking zone marking: lining can be used to mark parking zones to ensure that vehicles are parked in the correct spot. This can help make efficient use of space and improve safety.
  • Delineation of work areas: lines can be used to delineate different work areas. This can be useful in production halls where different work stations are used side by side. By clearly delineating areas, work can be done more safely and efficiently.

In short, there are several ways to apply line marking in production halls, industrial halls and/or workshops. It is important to determine what markings are needed to ensure safety and efficient use of the work environment.

Guidelines for lineation at a workplace

There are several guidelines for applying floor markings in workshops. Below we list some important points of interest:

  • Use clear and contrasting colors for lines so that markings are easily visible and recognizable.
  • Use standard symbols for such things as hazardous materials, emergency exits and emergency showers.
  • Use straight lines and tight corners for a professional look and a clear overview.
  • Ensure good adhesion of the lines to the floor to prevent wear and damage.
  • Adjust the lineation to the specific activities in the workshop, production or industrial hall.
  • Enforce the regulations regarding lineation for ATEX zones, for example.

Werkplaats belijning aan laten brengen door ICM Projects

Applying lineation for a production hall, industrial hall or workshop is not an easy job and requires the necessary knowledge and expertise. Therefore, let ICM support you in applying the lines on your company floor.

In addition to our specialty for installing high-quality commercial flooring, our experienced team is also able to apply floor lines directly. This lets you kill two birds with one stone and avoids lengthy downtime in business operations.

Therefore, feel free to contact us for an advisory discussion or drop by our showroom. If necessary, we can also check your wishes on location to discuss the possibilities for lines together. Are you ready to perform? Then choose ICM Projects?


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Purchasing a company floor does not happen overnight. A good floor is only the basis for high work performance if you and your colleagues function optimally in it. For that simple reason, CEO Joost van Hulst makes sure every project runs smoothly every day. We get to the bottom of things for our clients. From administrative offices to hospitals. Ready to perform? The floor is yours.

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