Technical floors

Technical floors should not only be walked on, but also meet certain standards. Turnover is achieved on the work floor and the work must therefore not be endangered. With a good floor you ensure that employees can work safely and that they can perform hard with confidence. A thriving company in the hospitality, industry, production or other technical sector starts with a good technical floor. We are happy to help you find the most practical floor for your company!

From retail to industry. If you ask more of your floor than walking on it, a technical floaoor, for example with long-term heavy transport.
In short, a floor that is suitable for (catering) warehouses, mobility, industry & production.

– Technical floors for inside and outside
– Plastic coating systems
– Synthetic cast floor systems
– Plastic MMA systems
– Plastic trowel systems

Technische vloeren

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Technical floors: more than just a floor!

What do we mean by an technical floor?

In industrial halls, healthcare facilities, production halls & transport and storage warehouses, floors need to meet certain quality requirements. This is where technical floors come in handy. But what exactly do we mean by these technical floors? Generally, it refers to a floor that is mechanically loadable, liquid-proof and durable.

The floor should also ensure a safe working atmosphere for personnel. This allows optimal performance and creates a feeling of peace of mind for your employees.

What types of floors are suitable?

There are different types of floors that fall under the term ‘technical floors’. We therefore offer various types in our range. This means there is a wide choice and you are guaranteed to find a suitable floor that meets your expectations.

In addition, all our floors meet the quality standards and we ensure that it is applied correctly. With us you can choose from the following types of floors that fall under the category of technical floors:

  • Epoxy casting floors
  • PU cast floors
  • Trowel floors
  • Roll coatings

The above floors are available in different colors and styles. In addition, in some cases there are also additional options. Contact our expert team to discuss these options.

What does a technical floor need to meet?

Technical floors are suitable for commercial spaces where the floor must meet high quality standards, including durability, high load capacity and much more. In practice, this means floors for, for example, production halls, storage and transport companies, warehouses, healthcare institutions and much more.

With a technical floor you create a safe working environment for the staff, so that they can perform optimally. We therefore believe that the (at least) must meet the following conditions:

  • Resistant to extreme loads;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Liquid and moisture resistant;
  • Long life (durability);

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, it is also important that the floor is installed correctly. We come to the rescue and ensure that the floor is top notch.

What are the benefits of technical flooring?

A technical floor is suitable for commercial spaces where heavy loads play a major role. It therefore offers many advantages for such spaces. In addition to having an extremely high load capacity, they also offer the following advantages:

  • Seamlessly applied
  • Liquid and moisture resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Possibility of floor marking
  • Enormously high load capacity
  • Choice of different types of floors
  • Available in various styles and colours
  • Sustainable
  • Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

What can ICM Projects do for your business?

Does your company need a technical floor? Then ICM Projects can help you with this. In our range you have a wide choice of different types of floors that are available in various colors and styles. Moreover, we always listen to the wishes of the client and try to fulfill them in consultation.

Do you want to know what the costs of the technical floor will be? Request a quote immediately. This way you know what the total costs will be and whether the project fits within the budget. Together we look at the possibilities to find the best solution.

Furthermore, you can always make an appointment to visit our Experience Center where you can view different types of floors. We can also visit you on location where we can discuss the possibilities together. Whatever the wishes are, at ICM Projects we make them come true!

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