Window- coverings

Define the look and feel of your space with the right window coverings, window coverings and blinds. From curtains and blinds to screens and duettes. ICM has it all!

Need outdoor blinds? Don’t blame it on the sunshine. Keep sunlight out when you’re working, keep the temperature inside under control and make sure your business space looks safe and beautiful. Get advice from ICM Projects on outdoor blinds.

Or indoor blinds? Surprise your interior with interior blinds. Divide a large space cleverly into several rooms and determine the look & feel you want. ICM helps you choose from blinds, shutters, vertical blinds and all other options. View mood images, 3D visuals and a physical overview of the materials in our Experience Room.

Raambekleding bij ICM

Join us on the floor

Have a cup of coffee with us and check out all the possible window decorations. When are you coming to check it out?


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