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As a flooring specialist, we at ICM Projects understand the importance of a sustainable and functional supermarket floor. The floor must not only be aesthetically attractive, but also meet strict requirements in terms of safety, hygiene and maintenance.

After all, a floor in a supermarket has to deal with many visitors, shopping carts, products and cleaning products every day. That is why it is essential to choose a supermarket floor that meets all requirements and wishes.

What properties should a supermarket floor have?

A supermarket floor must meet various properties to be suitable for use in a supermarket. Some crucial properties are:

  • Wear resistance: the floor must be able to withstand intensive use and constant foot traffic in the supermarket.
  • Hygiene: an easy-to-clean floor that is resistant to dirt, grease and liquids is essential to comply with hygiene regulations.
  • Safety: with a non-slip surface you ensure that both customers and staff can move safely in the store.
  • Chemical resistance: the floor must be resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals used in a supermarket.
  • Aesthetics: the appearance of the floor must contribute to the overall experience of the store and must match the interior concept.

Which floors are suitable for use in a supermarket?

Some floors are too fragile, too difficult to maintain, too smooth or too dull, making them unsuitable for use in a supermarket. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of flooring options that are suitable for supermarkets. Below we explain the most suitable options:

PU cast floor

A PU cast floor is an ideal choice for a supermarket because of its versatile properties. First of all, the floor’s durability provides a solid foundation that can withstand the constant traffic of customers and the use of heavy shopping carts.

The seamless design ensures that no dirt or bacteria can accumulate between joints, meaning the floor meets the strict hygiene standards that apply in a supermarket.

In addition, the wear resistance of the PU cast floor is a valuable asset, as it is resistant to spills, abrasion and other forms of physical stress that often occur in a busy shopping environment.

Epoxy cast floor

An epoxy cast floor is emerging as a true ally for supermarkets, thanks to its extraordinary chemical resistance. The seamless finish forms a solid shield, able to withstand the daily dance of shopping carts and footsteps.

Imbued with strength and durability, this floor not only offers a sleek aesthetic but also requires minimal maintenance, which is a boon in the hustle and bustle of a supermarket.

Its versatility and robustness make the epoxy cast floor a true hero in the story of a floor that not only withstands the elements, but also blends effortlessly with them.

MMA floor

An MMA floor is the perfect choice for a supermarket environment, where efficiency and durability are essential. With its fast installation process, this floor offers immediate load capacity, allowing the store to be operational quickly.

In addition, MMA floors are designed to withstand heavy loads, which is crucial in an environment where a large number of customers and shopping carts load the floor every day.

The robust nature of the MMA floor ensures that it is resistant to wear and tear and is easy to clean. In short, the combination of quick installation, high load capacity and ease of maintenance makes the MMA floor an ideal choice for a dynamic supermarket setting.

Trowel floor

A trowel floor offers an impressive combination of durability and resistance to heavy loads. This makes it the perfect choice for a demanding environment such as a supermarket, where there is constant intensive work.

The seamless finish of the trowel floor provides a flat surface without imperfections, which is essential for the smooth running of shopping carts and preventing tripping hazards for both staff and customers.

The floor is also resistant to chemical influences, so any spills or cleaning agents will not cause permanent damage. This benefits hygiene and safety in the supermarket.

PVC floor

A PVC floor is the ideal choice for a supermarket, given the unique properties it offers. First of all, this floor offers an excellent combination of comfort and durability.

The soft surface reduces the burden on the feet of customers and employees, while the robust composition can withstand intensive use in a busy environment.

PVC floors also act as a natural sound absorber, which contributes to a quiet and pleasant shopping experience. An ideal choice if you ask us.

Take into account the HACCP guidelines for the supermarket floor

A supermarket floor must not only meet aesthetic and functional requirements, but also hygiene and safety requirements. For example, a floor in a supermarket must comply with the HACCP guidelines.

These are the international food safety standards, which ensure that the products in the supermarket do not endanger the health of consumers.

Not every floor meets the HACCP guidelines. Some floors are too porous, too slippery, too fragile or too flammable for a supermarket. That is why it is important to choose a supermarket floor that meets the HACCP guidelines. Therefore, be sure to check out the options for a HACCP floor.

Choose a custom-made supermarket floor from ICM Projects

At ICM Projects we specialize in installing floors for the business market. We have extensive experience in supplying and installing supermarket floors that meet all requirements and wishes.

We understand that every supermarket is unique. That is why we offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly match the specific needs and wishes of your store. Our experienced professionals ensure a professional installation, where quality and service come first.

Do you have questions or need tailor-made advice? Please feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment for an on-site visit. Already convinced which supermarket floor you want to have installed? Request a no-obligation quote immediately for an accurate price indication.

How long does it take to install a supermarket floor?

On average, the installation time of a supermarket floor varies between 2 and 5 days. However, the duration of installation depends on several factors, such as the type of flooring, the size of the project and the level of difficulty.

Which floor is best for a supermarket?

For a supermarket we recommend a PU cast floor, epoxy cast floor or PVC floor because of their durability, hygienic properties and aesthetic options.

How much does a supermarket floor cost?

The costs for a supermarket floor depend on various factors, including the chosen floor type, the surface area and any preparatory work. Contact our experts for an accurate quote.


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