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Carpet is a floor covering that consists of a layer of textile fibers attached to a surface. This type of floor covering can have various functions, such as improving acoustics, insulating the floor, creating atmosphere and increasing comfort.

In this article we discuss the use of carpet in business environments, such as offices, shops, hotels and schools. We explain what project carpet is, what its benefits are, what types of project carpet there are, what their costs are and how you can choose the right type of carpet for your company.

Is carpet suitable for commercial environments?

Yes, carpet is certainly suitable for corporate environments. Carpet has several advantages that contribute to a pleasant and productive working environment.

For example, carpet provides better acoustics by absorbing sound and preventing reflections. This reduces noise pollution and promotes concentration and communication.

In addition, carpet has an insulating effect, which means it retains heat and reduces energy costs. It is also comfortable to walk and work on, as it feels soft and reduces pressure on the joints.

In addition, carpet can contribute to the appearance and atmosphere of a business space, because it is available in all kinds of colors, patterns and textures. This can strengthen the identity and image of a company.

What type of carpet is suitable for companies?

Not every type of carpet is suitable for businesses. Companies have to deal with specific requirements and circumstances that influence the choice of the type of floor covering.

For example, the carpet must be able to withstand intensive use, be easy to maintain, be fire-safe, anti-static and meet certain standards and certificates. The type of carpet that meets these requirements is called project carpet.

What is project carpet?

Project carpet is carpet that is specially designed and produced for project applications in business environments. This type of carpet is distinguished from ‘normal’ carpet by its high quality, durability, functionality and versatility.

What are the properties of project carpet?

Project carpet has several properties that make it suitable for corporate environments. Below we list some important features:

  • Abrasion Resistance: It can withstand heavy use without quickly showing signs of wear.
  • Soundproofing: It absorbs sound, which improves the acoustics of the room.
  • Easy to clean: It is resistant to stains and easy to clean.
  • Fire Retardant: Many project carpets have undergone a fire retardant treatment.
  • Anti-static: This prevents the build-up of static electricity.

What are the advantages of project carpet?

Project carpet has several advantages for companies. Below we list some important advantages:

  • Comfortable: It provides a soft and comfortable surface to walk and work on.
  • Aesthetic: There are a variety of styles, patterns and colors available to match the décor.
  • Acoustic improvement: it reduces reverberation and contributes to a pleasant working environment.
  • Insulation: It contributes to the heat and sound insulation of the room.

What are the costs of project carpet?

The cost of project carpet depends on several factors, such as the type, quality, quantity, delivery and installation of the carpet.

In general, project carpet on a roll is cheaper than project carpet tiles (per square meter). The average price of project carpet is between €10 and €40 per square meter, excluding VAT and installation costs.

The installation costs for (project) carpet vary from €5 to €15 per square meter, depending on the complexity of the job. For an exact quote, we advise you to contact a specialized supplier of project carpet, such as ICM Projects.

What types of carpet are available for businesses?

Commercial carpet comes in two main types: roll carpet and carpet tiles. Both types have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Carpet on a roll

Carpet on a roll is carpet that is supplied in rolls of (usually) four meters wide. It is laid in one piece over the entire surface of the floor.

The advantages of carpet on a roll are that it gives a seamless and even result, that it is suitable for large spaces and that it is relatively cheap.

However, the only disadvantages of carpet on a roll are that it is difficult to transport and install, that it causes a lot of cutting loss and that it is difficult to replace if damaged or worn.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are square or rectangular pieces of carpet that are applied loose or with adhesive to the floor. The tiles are available in different sizes, colors and designs.

The main advantages of project carpet tiles are that they are easy to transport and install, they have little cutting loss and they are easy to replace if damaged or worn.

On the other hand, it also has its disadvantages. For example, carpet tiles are often more expensive than roll carpet, they can have seams and height differences and are less suitable for small or irregular spaces.

Beautiful carpet for the office

Carpet is a wonderful flooring choice for office spaces because it gives a professional and stylish look to the working environment. Project carpet can also improve the productivity and well-being of employees, because it provides better acoustics, insulation, comfort and atmosphere.

In addition, (project) carpet is durable and easy to maintain, which means it has a long lifespan and low costs. It is available in many types, colors and designs, so there is a suitable carpet for every office style and taste.

Project carpet in different colours

Project carpet is available in all kinds of colors, making it possible to create a unique and personal atmosphere in a business space. Color influences people’s mood, emotion and perception.

Color can also be used to indicate different zones or functions in a room or to accentuate the corporate identity or logo of a company. Below we give some examples of popular colors for project carpet and their effects:

Anthracite project carpet

Anthracite is a dark shade of gray that is often chosen as a color for project carpet. Anthracite has a neutral and elegant appearance that fits well with modern and minimalist interiors.

Moreover, anthracite can also be combined with other colors to create contrast or harmony. Anthracite has a soothing and calming effect on the space and the people who work in it, making it ideal for the office.

Black project carpet

Black is a powerful and stylish color that is also widely used for project carpet. It has a formal and businesslike appearance that fits well with classic and luxurious interiors.

It can also be combined with other colors to create drama or tension. Black has a stimulating and exciting effect on the space and therefore also on the people who work there.

How do you choose the right type of carpet for your company?

To choose the right type of carpet for your business, you need to consider several aspects, such as the purpose, budget, style, size and shape of the room, use and maintenance of the carpet. Below we provide some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Determine the purpose of the carpet: What do you want to achieve with the carpet? Do you want to improve the acoustics, increase insulation, increase comfort, create the atmosphere or strengthen the identity? The purpose of the carpet partly determines the properties, quality and color of the carpet.
  • Set a budget: How much money do you want to spend on the carpet? The budget partly determines the type, quantity and delivery and installation of the carpet. In general, carpet on a roll is cheaper than carpet tiles per square meter. However, the properties and benefits of each type must also be considered.
  • Choose a style that suits your business: what kind of look do you want to give to your business space? Do you want a modern and sleek style, a classic and luxurious style, a playful and creative style or a warm and cozy style? The style of the carpet partly determines the color, pattern and texture of the carpet.
  • Measure the size and shape of the room: How large and what shape is the room where you want to install the carpet? The size and shape of the room partly determine the quantity and method of laying the carpet. For example, carpet on a roll is more suitable for large and rectangular spaces, while carpet tiles are more suitable for small or irregular spaces.
  • Take into account the use and maintenance of the carpet: how intensively is the carpet used and how often does it need to be cleaned? The use and maintenance of the carpet partly determine its wear resistance, dirt and stain resistance, and the cleaning method of the carpet. The choice of project carpet and carpet on a roll will have to be considered.

(Project) carpet from ICM Projects

If you are looking for a reliable and professional supplier of (project) carpet for your company, ICM Projects is the right place for you. We are an expert in commercial carpet, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

At ICM Projects we offer a wide range of carpet in different types, colors and designs, which meet all requirements and standards for corporate environments.

Moreover, we not only supply carpet, but also customized advice, service, delivery and installation. ICM Projects guarantees quality, durability, functionality and versatility. Contact ICM Projects today for a no-obligation quote or personal consultation.

Is carpet hygienic enough for commercial applications?

Yes, if properly maintained, carpet is hygienic enough for commercial applications. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning ensure that the carpet remains clean and healthy.

Why have carpet installed in the office?

Carpet in the office offers benefits such as sound absorption, comfort, aesthetics and improved acoustics. It contributes to a pleasant and productive working environment.

What is the difference between carpet and rug?

Carpet is a floor covering that covers the entire floor of a room, while an area rug is a loose-lay carpet that covers a specific area of the floor. A rug is often used as a decorative element and can be easily moved. Carpet, on the other hand, is usually glued to the subfloor.


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