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At ICM Projects we understand better than anyone that a swimming pool floor must meet specific requirements. Our expertise in floor installation allows us to provide the perfect solution for every situation.

On this page, discover everything you need to know about swimming pool floors and read more about how to select the ideal floor for your swimming pool.

What properties should a swimming pool floor have?

A swimming pool floor must meet several important properties to guarantee safety and durability:

  • Non-slip: To prevent accidents, a non-slip surface is essential.
  • Chemical resistant: The floor must be resistant to the chemicals used in swimming pools.
  • Liquid-tight: a good swimming pool floor must be completely liquid-tight to prevent damage to the underlying structure.
  • Easy to maintain: an easy-to-clean surface is very important for hygiene.

Which floors are suitable as a floor for a swimming pool?

Not all floor types are suitable as a floor for a swimming pool. For example, some floors cannot withstand water, chlorine, temperature changes or wear, and other floors are too slippery, too porous or simply too boring.

Fortunately, there are floors that meet all requirements. These are the so-called plastic floors. Plastic floors are floors made of synthetic materials, such as epoxy, polyurethane, trowel or methyl methacrylate.

Epoxy floors

Epoxy floors are the ideal choice for swimming pools because of their exceptional waterproof properties. With a seamless finish, they provide an impenetrable barrier against moisture, preventing damage from water.

The ease of maintenance adds an extra layer of practical perfection to the list of benefits. While the adaptability ensures that the swimming pool space obtains the desired aesthetics and functionality.

Polyurethane floors

Polyurethane floors are the perfect choice for swimming pool environments due to their unique combination of properties. Thanks to their elastic nature, they adapt seamlessly to the contours of the space, creating a seamless surface that can withstand the constant exposure to water.

The excellent resistance to chemicals not only ensures a durable floor, but also guarantees that the floor is resistant to the agents regularly used in swimming pool environments.

Trowel floors

Trowel floors are the ultimate combination of robustness and seamless perfection, making them an unmistakable choice for swimming pools that have to withstand high loads.

Their extraordinary resistance to heavy loads and chemical influences makes them an unrivaled solution for intensively used swimming pools.

With a toughness that defies the test of time, the trowel cast floor provides a reliable shield against the daily challenges that a swimming pool environment brings.

Methyl methacrylate floors

A swimming pool environment requires a floor that is resistant to both water and chemicals. Here the Methyl methacrylate (MMA) floor shines with its exceptional properties.

This flooring type forms a seamless barrier and is perfect for projects with tight deadlines due to its fast curing time. In addition, the durability of MMA floors ensures a long lifespan, resulting in a floor that is not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive.

Wide application possibilities of swimming pool floors

In addition to the floors for the swimming pool itself, you should of course also take into account the other floors in a swimming pool environment. Consider, for example, the floor around the swimming pool, in the sanitary areas of the swimming pool and any catering establishments.

Floor around pool

The floor around the pool is essential for the overall safety and appearance of the pool environment. It is crucial that this floor is non-slip and waterproof. This way the risk of slipping is minimized, even when the floor is wet.

In addition, a well-chosen floor contributes to a neat and attractive ambiance, allowing visitors to comfortably enjoy the swimming pool facilities.

Sanitary areas near a swimming pool

The washrooms at a swimming pool are a crucial part of the total experience for visitors. It is very important that these areas are hygienic and easy to clean. The choice of flooring plays an indispensable role in this.

A floor that meets hygienic standards and is easy to maintain ensures that sanitary facilities are always clean, fresh and inviting for users. Take a look at the specific options for floors for sanitary areas.

Canteen and catering establishments

The floor is often used intensively in the canteen and catering establishments around the swimming pool. It is therefore very important that this floor is resistant to spills, wear and other forms of intensive use.

A suitable floor choice ensures that the rooms not only look attractive, but are also functional. This allows visitors to  enjoy their stay in the catering establishments, knowing that the floor is durable and easy to maintain.

How do you select the perfect swimming pool floor?

When selecting the perfect pool floor, it is essential to consider the specific needs and requirements of a pool environment.

Our experts at ICM Projects are ready to advise you and offer the ideal solution for all floors in and around the swimming pool.

Choose a high-quality swimming pool floor from ICM Projects

At ICM Projects we strive for the highest quality in floor installation for various types of projects. With our expertise and experience we guarantee a perfect swimming pool floor that meets all requirements.

Contact us for tailor-made advice or request a no-obligation quote immediately. Needs extra help selecting a suitable pool floor. Make an appointment for an on-site visit where we will discuss all options based on your wishes.

Which floor to install under a swimming pool?

For best results, we recommend choosing a waterproof and durable floor such as epoxy, polyurethane, trowel flooring or methyl methacrylate.

Which floor to install around a swimming pool?

A non-slip and waterproof floor is essential around the swimming pool. Materials such as epoxy, polyurethane and trowel floors are ideal for this.

What are the costs of a floor for a swimming pool?

The cost of a swimming pool floor can vary depending on the material chosen and the size of the project. Contact our experts for an accurate customized quote.


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