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The showroom floors from ICM Projects are designed to enhance the appearance of your showroom while offering durability and functionality.

Selecting a suitable showroom floor can be a challenge. There are various floor types to choose from, each with their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

At ICM we are happy to help you choose a suitable showroom floor for your showroom.

What properties should a showroom floor have?

A showroom floor must meet various requirements in order to function optimally. Below you will find the most important properties that a showroom floor must meet:

  • Durability: the floor must be able to withstand intensive use and wear.
  • Ease of maintenance: a showroom floor must be easy to clean to maintain its appearance.
  • Aesthetics: the floor must match the style and appearance of the showroom.
  • Safety: Non-slip properties are essential to prevent accidents.
  • Sound insulation: a good showroom floor helps to limit noise levels.

Which floors are suitable for a showroom?

ICM Projects offers a wide range of flooring options suitable for showrooms. Below you will find an overview of the most suitable floors for your showroom:

PVC floor

With its excellent durability and versatility, the PVC floor is an excellent choice for showrooms. A hard-wearing option that is effortless to clean and is available in a range of styles and shades, so there is always a PVC floor to suit your showroom.


As a natural and environmentally friendly material, linoleum shines in showrooms. With its durability and easy maintenance, it comes in various designs to meet the needs of you and your showroom. In addition, linoleum is durable, sound-absorbing and easy to clean.


Marmoleum embraces the durability of linoleum with a unique, natural look. An excellent choice for showrooms that strive for a warm and elegant ambiance. It is available in different colors and patterns and has a warm appearance.

PU cast floor

A PU cast floor is a seamless plastic floor that is very suitable for showrooms. PU cast floors are available in different colors and have a modern look. They are also wear-resistant, sound-absorbing and easy to clean.

Trowel floor

The trowel floor is an extremely robust and wear-resistant option, ideal for showrooms with heavy loads. The seamless finish makes cleaning a simple job.

Thanks to the option to choose from different colors and finishes, the trowel floor always fits seamlessly with the needs of your showroom.

MMA floor

An MMA floor is a plastic floor consisting of acrylic granules mixed with methyl methacrylate. It is a fast-curing floor that is perfect for quick showroom renovations. In addition, MMA floors offer high resistance to chemicals and are very durable.


Carpet can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your showroom. With a range of styles, colors and textures, it offers countless possibilities. In addition, it is available in different colors and patterns and has the advantage of being sound-absorbing.

Concrete floor

A concrete floor gives an industrial and robust appearance to a showroom. In addition to being strong, durable and easy to maintain, concrete floors are also available in a variety of colors and patterns, so that they always perfectly match your wishes and needs.

How do you choose the right showroom floor for your showroom?

Choosing the right showroom floor depends on several factors, such as the appearance of your company, the type of products you sell and the budget you have. Therefore, keep the following tips in mind when choosing the right showroom floor:

  • Budget: it is important to determine in advance how much you want to spend on a showroom floor. Based on your budget, you can make a selection of floors that fall within your price range.
  • Appearance: the appearance of your company is important when choosing a showroom floor. Choose a floor that matches the image of your company and that matches the products you sell.
  • Type of products: the type of products you sell can also influence the choice of a showroom floor. For example, if you sell cars, it is important that the floor can withstand heavy loads.
  • Maintenance: the maintenance of a showroom floor is also important. Choose a floor that is easy to clean and remains hygienic.
  • Get advice: get advice from a flooring specialist. An ICM specialist can help you make the right choice and inform you about the options.

Choose a custom showroom floor from ICM Projects

At ICM Projects we specialize in installing custom showroom floors. We understand that every showroom is different and that every customer has different wishes.

That is why we offer tailor-made solutions that are fully tailored to the wishes and requirements of your showroom. Our specialists are happy to think along with you and advise you about the possibilities.

Do you already have an idea of what type of floor you want to place in your showroom? Then request a tailor-made quote without obligation. Not quite sure yet? Contact us for advice or make an appointment for an on-site visit.

What are the best floors for a showroom?

There are different types of floors that are suitable for a showroom, such as PVC floors, linoleum, marmoleum, PU cast floors, trowel floors, MMA floors, carpet and concrete floors. Which floor is most suitable for your showroom depends on various factors, such as the budget, the appearance of your company and the type of products you sell.

What is the average price of a showroom floor?

The price of a showroom floor can vary depending on the material chosen, the surface area of the showroom and any specific requirements. This makes it difficult to name a specific price. Request a no-obligation quote based on your wishes and requirements for an accurate price indication.

How long does it take to install a showroom floor?

The time required to install a showroom floor depends on various factors, such as the type of floor and the surface area. At ICM Projects we work quickly and efficiently, so that you experience as little inconvenience as possible during the work. Our experts will inform you about this when preparing a quotation.


Joost van Hulst
Joost van HulstCEO

Purchasing a company floor does not happen overnight. A good floor is only the basis for high work performance if you and your colleagues function optimally in it. For that simple reason, CEO Joost van Hulst makes sure every project runs smoothly every day. We get to the bottom of things for our clients. From administrative offices to hospitals. Ready to perform? The floor is yours.

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