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At ICM Projects we understand the importance of a durable and functional floor for robot areas. Our specialized robot room floors meet the highest requirements, so that your milking robots can function optimally.

Discover everything you need to know about our robot room floors and how to select the right one for your dairy farm.

What is a robot room?

A robot room is an enclosed space containing one or more milking robots that automatically milk the cows. A milking robot is an advanced device that uses sensors, cameras and software to recognize, clean and connect the cow’s udder to the teat cups.

The milking robot records all kinds of data about the cow, such as the number of milkings, milk production, milk quality, health and behavior. Robot rooms offer several benefits for both the farmer and the cow, such as more flexibility, less labor, better animal welfare and higher yields.

What specific requirements must a floor for a robot room meet?

A floor for a robot room must meet various requirements to ensure optimal operation of the milking robots. For example, floors in a robot room must meet the following requirements:

  • Resistant to heavy loads and impacts;
  • Non-slip surface for personnel safety;
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils;
  • Seamless and easy to clean for optimal hygiene;
  • Liquid tight to prevent leaks;
  • Electrostatically conductive (ESD) (if applicable).

Which floors are suitable for use in a robot room?

Not all floors are suitable for use in a robot room. Some floors cannot meet all the above requirements or have disadvantages that are not desirable in a robot room.

Don’t worry, though, at ICM Projects we offer various flooring solutions that meet the strictest hygiene and safety requirements.

Cleanroom floor

A cleanroom floor reveals its true value in a room where precision and sterility are the highest priority, such as a room where milking robots are in action.

The seamless surface of cleanroom floors form an impermeable barrier against dust and bacteria, which is vital for maintaining hygiene that not only promotes milk production, but also ensures the health and well-being of the cows.

Cleanroom floors also offer robust resistance to the loads associated with the daily functioning of the milking robots, thus contributing to a safe environment for both the cows and the operational staff.

ESD floor

An ESD floor forms the backbone of a robot room where sensitive electronics operate. With its unique ability to safely dissipate electrostatic charges, this floor creates an environment in which equipment operates without the risk of damage from uncontrolled discharges.

This effective protection extends the lifespan of valuable electronic components and optimizes the productivity of robotics.

Furthermore, the ESD floor promotes a seamless and safe working environment, where both robots and operational staff work together in harmony, free from the concerns of potentially harmful electrostatic discharges.

Trowel floor

Trowel floors are distinguished by their exceptional robustness, which makes them a perfect match for the high demands of a robot room. The floor is designed to effortlessly withstand heavy loads, which is crucial in an environment where intensive use is the order of the day.

A trowel floor also offers an essential feature that should not be missing in any robot room: complete liquid tightness. This not only ensures a longer lifespan for the floor, but also prevents potentially harmful leaks that could hinder the functionality of the room.

Epoxy cast floor

An epoxy cast floor forms the ideal basis for a robot room, thanks to its seamless and smooth surface that is effortless to keep clean. The floor is designed to stand the test of time, with remarkable resistance to heavy loads, chemicals and oils.

This makes the epoxy cast floor an unmistakable choice for environments where robots are in tireless action. Even under the most demanding conditions, this floor will hold up, ensuring the robot room performs optimally with a reliable and durable surface.

Epoxy floor coating

An epoxy floor coating provides a seamless barrier that not only withstands the daily wear and tear in a robotic space, but also provides impenetrable protection against potentially harmful chemicals and oils.

This floor coating adheres to the surface at a molecular level, which ensures a durable and stable surface. Additionally, it strengthens the structural integrity of the floor, allowing it to withstand the heavy loads often encountered in robotic work areas.

Furthermore, the seamless finish of the coating reduces the risk of dust accumulation. This allows for easy cleaning, allowing the robot room to function efficiently and safely.

Contribute to the HyCare method with a hygienic floor for a robot room

The HyCare method is an innovative approach to improve the health, welfare and productivity of animals in livestock farming through optimal hygiene in the stable.

This method focuses on five pillars that must guarantee the welfare of the animals:

  1. Pore-tight surfaces
  2. A germ-free living environment
  3. Clean drinking water
  4. Pest-free stables
  5. Optimal care

A hygienic floor for a robot room contributes to the HyCare method by ensuring a clean, dry and comfortable environment for the cows.

It reduces the risk of infections, diseases, mastitis, claw problems and mastitis in the cows, while increasing milk quality, milk yield, robot life and labor efficiency.

HyCare-proof robot room floor from ICM Projects

Our robot room floors have been specially developed to meet the high requirements of the HyCare method. With years of experience and expertise in floor installations for the business market, we guarantee a floor that contributes to the optimal functioning of milking robots in your robot room.

Do you have any questions or need tailor-made advice? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts. We are happy to help you make the right choice for a high-quality robot room floor for your company.

What is the importance of a hygienic floor in a robot room?

A hygienic floor in a robot room is essential to ensure the health and well-being of the cows. In addition, a clean and hygienic environment prevents possible malfunctions and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

How much does a floor for a robot room cost?

The costs for a robot room floor depend on several factors, including the type of floor chosen and the area of the room. Contact ICM Projects for a no-obligation, customized quote.

How much time does the installation of a robot room floor take?

The installation time of a robot room floor depends on several factors, such as the type of floor and the size of the room. Our experienced professionals ensure an efficient installation, so that your robot room is quickly operational.


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