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Discover the versatility of a level floor from ICM Projects. As a specialist in floor installations, we offer high-quality floor solutions, including level floors, that meet the strictest requirements.

Read on to find out everything about leveling floors and discover whether leveling is suitable as a floor finish.

What is a level floor?

A level floor, also known as a level screed, is a thin layer of cement-bound mortar that is used to level and smooth floors. Egaline is mainly used as a screed floor on which a finishing floor is installed.

It is an extremely efficient method to correct irregularities in the substrate and create a tight base for further floor finishing.

Is a level floor suitable as a finishing floor?

In principle, a level floor is not intended as a finishing floor, but as a subfloor for other types of floor finishes. The finished floor is the top layer of a floor construction that is immediately visible and load-bearing.

For this reason, the finished floor must meet higher requirements in terms of durability, wear resistance, moisture resistance, heat conduction and aesthetics than an underlay. A level floor does not have the properties to function as a finishing floor without additional treatment or protection.

What are the advantages of finishing a floor with leveling compound?

Although a leveling floor is not suitable as a finishing floor without additional treatment or protection, there are some advantages of using leveling ground as a floor finish:

  • Sleek and modern look that suits different interior styles.
  • Seamless and hygienic, so no dirt or dust can accumulate in the joints.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a vacuum cleaner and a mop.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating, because it is a good heat conductor and distributes the heat evenly throughout the room.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other types of floor finishes because the materials and labor are inexpensive.

What are the disadvantages of using leveling compound as a floor?

There are also a number of disadvantages associated with using leveling compound as a floor finish. This is what a level floor is:

  • Not wear-resistant and sensitive to scratches, dents and cracks.
  • Not moisture resistant, which can cause the floor to bulge or loosen when it comes into contact with water or other liquids.
  • Not colourfast, which means the leveling compound may discolour when exposed to sunlight or other influences.
  • Not comfortable as the floor feels cold and hard.
  • Not unique, which means the floor can appear monotonous and boring.

Alternative to a smooth finishing floor

If you are looking for an alternative to a smooth finish floor, you can consider opting for a cast floor. A cast floor is a floor finish that consists of a thin layer of a plastic resin that is poured over a supporting floor.

Cast floors have many similarities with a level floor, but also a number of important differences. For example, cast floors do have the properties to function as a finishing floor without the need for additional treatment or protection.

Cast floors

Cast floors are seamless, hygienic, durable and modern floor finishes that are suitable for both homes and businesses. They are made by mixing a plastic resin with a hardener and possibly pigments, glitter or flakes. We can distinguish between two different types of cast floors:

Epoxy floor

An epoxy floor is ideal for areas that are subject to intensive traffic, such as workshops and garages. It is a seamless floor finish that is very wear-resistant and chemical-resistant. An epoxy floor also offers a modern look.

Polyurethane floor

A polyurethane floor combines durability with comfort. It is a flexible and sound-absorbing floor that is suitable for offices and showrooms, for example. In addition, a polyurethane floor is available in various colors and finishes.

Smooth floor as a screed

Since a level floor is not particularly suitable as a finishing floor, it is ideal to use as a screed floor. Egaline provides an even base on which various floor finishes can be laid, such as a cast floor, PVC floor, carpet and more.

In addition to creating a level floor, we can also immediately install a suitable finishing floor. Ask about the options or request a no-obligation quote for your project immediately.

Have a smooth floor applied by ICM Projects

If you want to have a level floor applied, you can count on ICM Projects for a professional service and a high-quality result. We are an experienced and reliable flooring company that has been active in installing floors for the business market for more than 20 years.

With a team of expert and certified professionals who use the best materials and equipment, we carry out every job to your satisfaction. Request a no-obligation quote for your project immediately or contact us for tailor-made expert advice!

On what types of load-bearing floors can a level floor be applied?

A leveling floor can be applied to various surfaces, such as concrete, cement screed floors, anhydrite floors and tiles. It is important that the supporting floor is stable, clean, crack-free and free of dust and grease for optimal adhesion.

Why is it not wise to finish a floor with leveling compound?

Although leveling compound can be used for finishing floors, it is not suitable for very heavily loaded areas. In addition, the installation must be done with precision by experienced professionals to ensure a sustainable result.

What does leveling compound cost per square meter?

The costs for installing a level floor vary depending on various factors, such as the surface area of the room, the condition of the substrate and any additional wishes. For an accurate quote we recommend contacting us for an obligation free quote.


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