Floors for sanitary areas

  • Publicatie datum January 30, 2024
  • Auteur Joost van Hulst
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spaces are an important part of every building. They must be hygienic, comfortable and safe for users. But how do you choose the right floor for a sanitary room? And which floor is resistant to moisture, dirt and bacteria?

We are happy to show you what requirements a floor for sanitary areas must meet, which floors are suitable for a sanitary area and why you should choose a floor from ICM Projects. Read on and discover everything about floors for sanitary areas.

What requirements must a floor for sanitary areas meet?

A floor for sanitary facilities must meet a number of requirements to guarantee quality, safety and durability. Some important features include:

  • Water resistance: the floor must be resistant to water and moisture, because sanitary areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets often get wet.
  • Anti-slip: it is essential that the floor has a good anti-slip property to prevent slipping accidents, especially in combination with water.
  • Easy to clean: Floors in a washroom should be easy to clean to ensure hygiene.
  • Durability: A washroom floor must be long lasting and resistant to wear and tear as it is often exposed to heavy use.
  • Mold and bacteria resistant: the floor should not be a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Depending on the style and design of the washroom, it is desirable that the floor looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Comfortable to walk on: if the sanitary room is used intensively, it is nice if the floor is comfortable to walk on, for example with bare feet.
  • Good thermal insulation (optional): In some cases, thermal insulation may be desirable, especially if the room is located in a cold location.

The choice of flooring material can vary depending on specific requirements and budget. There are different options of floors for a sanitary area.

Which floors are suitable for a sanitary area?

Not all floors are suitable for a sanitary area. Some floors cannot withstand moisture, dirt or wear. Other floors are too slippery, too porous or too difficult to clean. That is why it is important to choose a floor that meets the requirements for a sanitary area, such as:

  • PU cast floors
  • Epoxy floors
  • Trowel floors
  • MMA floors
  • Floor coating

The above floors meet the requirements for floors in a sanitary area. With liquid-tight, slip-resistant and dirt-resistant features, these floors are ideal for installation in a sanitary area.

Liquid-tight floor for a sanitary room from ICM Projects

If you are looking for a floor for a sanitary area, ICM Projects is the right place for you. We supply and install various high-quality liquid-tight floors for sanitary areas in various sectors, such as education, healthcare, catering, industry and offices.

We only work with the best materials, the latest techniques and the most experienced professionals. In this way we provide a fast, professional and affordable flooring solution for your sanitary room(s).

Which floor in the toilet?

A PVC floor is a good choice for the toilet. It is affordable, easy to maintain and will last for years. PVC floors are also stain and moisture resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean, which makes them ideal for use in a toilet.

Which floor for the shower?

We recommend a non-slip epoxy floor for a shower. Non-slip epoxy floors offer optimal safety, ultimate ease of maintenance and good hygiene, even in wet areas.

Which floor is suitable for the bathroom?

The best floor for a bathroom is a comfortable, warm floor that requires little maintenance. Popular floor types for bathrooms are (ceramic) tiles, PVC floors and cast floors.


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