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Fishing floors are specially designed to meet the demands of the fishing industry. These floors must, among other things, be resistant to heavy loads, wear and corrosion. At ICM Projects we have a wide range of fishing floors that meet these requirements.

Our fishing floors offer sustainable and functional solutions for various applications within the maritime sector. Whether it concerns fish processing industries, fishing boats or fish shops, our floors meet the highest standards and ensure a safe and hygienic working environment.

What properties must a fishing floor have?

A fishing floor must meet various requirements to be suitable for the fishing sector. Below we have listed the most important features for you:

  • Resistant to heavy loads and shocks;
  • Chemically resistant to corrosive substances such as acids and bases;
  • Non-slip surface for safe working even in wet conditions;
  • Liquid tight to prevent liquids from penetrating the underlying structures;
  • Easy to clean and maintain for optimal hygiene;
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Applications of a fishing floor within the maritime sector

Within the maritime sector, fishing floors are widely used to create hygienic and safe working environments. Depending on the specific branch within the fishing sector, the floors will have to meet specific requirements and guidelines.

Fish processing industry

A floor in the fish processing industry must meet strict hygiene standards, as it is a crucial element in the process of processing, portioning and packaging fish.

Our specially designed fishing floors go further than just providing hygiene. They are constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the corrosive elements often associated with fish processing.

Furthermore, these floors provide a safe working environment because they are slip-resistant, even when they come into contact with water and fish waste. This allows employees to carry out their tasks with confidence and efficiency, without having to worry about potential hazards that could arise on a less suitable floor.

In addition to floors for the fish processing industry, we also offer other options for floors within the food industry. View the options and discover how ICM can help you realize a high-quality floor for your sector.

Fishing boats

A safe and hygienic floor is essential for fishing boats that are exposed to the unforgiving marine environment every day. Our specially designed fishing floors offer a perfect combination of properties and unparalleled durability.

So they not only provide a reliably non-slip surface, but are also able to withstand the corrosive forces of salt water and other marine elements.

Thanks to the unique compositions, our floors effortlessly meet the strict requirements of fishing boats and contribute to a safe and efficient working environment at sea.

Fish shop

A fishing shop is the heart of the local fishing community and therefore deserves a floor that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Our special fishing floors are designed with durability and a neat appearance in mind. This means they fit seamlessly into the authentic atmosphere of a fish shop.

In addition, our floors meet the strict safety and hygiene requirements that are essential in this industry. The seamless finish leaves no room for dirt to accumulate, and the anti-slip properties provide a safe environment for both customers and staff.

At ICM Projects you have also come to the right place for various shop floors for different sectors. Do you have a perfumery, clothing store or other store? Then take a look at our unique shop floors.

Which floors are suitable as a fishing floor?

At ICM Projects we have different types of fishing floors that meet the requirements of the fishing sector. Below you will find an overview of the most suitable floor types:

Epoxy floors

Epoxy floors are the ideal choice for the maritime sector, particularly in fishing environments, due to their unique combination of properties. They provide unparalleled fluid tightness, which is crucial to prevent fluids from seeping into the underlying structures.

In addition, epoxy floors are extremely resistant to chemicals, allowing them to withstand the aggressive environments often found in fish processing facilities.

Epoxy floors can effortlessly withstand heavy loads. This is essential for the durability of the floor in an industry where intensive use is the order of the day.

MMA floors

An MMA floor is the perfect choice for fishing floors, thanks to its unparalleled properties. With exceptionally fast curing even in cool environments, this floor offers unprecedented installation efficiency.

MMA floors are also known to effortlessly withstand chemical loads, which is essential in the demanding environment of the fishing industry.

The durability of MMA floors makes them extremely suitable for the intensive activities associated with the maritime world, making them an indispensable investment for any company within the fishing sector.

Trowel floors

Trowel floors are distinguished by their exceptional robustness and can withstand the heaviest mechanical loads. This unique property makes it the ideal choice for floors in the fishing industry, where busy activity and intense work are the order of the day.

However, trowel floors offer not only durability, but also a seamless surface that is hygienic and easy to clean. This is invaluable in an environment where hygiene is critical, such as in the fish processing industry.

Our liquid-tight floors meet the HACCP standards

At ICM Projects, hygiene and food safety are of paramount importance. Our fishing floors meet the strictest HACCP standards, making them suitable for the processing and storage of food products.

This means that all suitable floors are liquid-tight and resistant to the influences that a floor comes into contact with within the food processing industry.

Choose a high-quality fishing floor from ICM Projects

With years of experience and a team of experts, we guarantee high-quality fishing floors that meet the specific requirements of the maritime sector. Contact us today for tailor-made advice and/or a no-obligation quote.

Not quite sure which floor is most suitable for your company within the fishing sector? Ask for personal advice or schedule an appointment for an on-site visit. Together we discuss your wishes and requirements and look at the possibilities.

Which floor for a fishing company?

For fishing companies we recommend epoxy floors, MMA floors or trowel floors, depending on the specific needs and conditions of the room, one type of floor may be better than the other. Be informed by our experienced professionals.

How much does a fishing floor cost at ICM Projects?

The costs of a fishing floor depend on various factors, including the type of floor, the surface area and any additional options. Contact us for a tailor-made quotation without obligation.

How long does it take to install a fishing floor?

The duration of installation of a fishing floor depends on the size of the project. Smaller projects can be completed in a few days, while larger projects may take more time. Our team will ensure an efficient and professional installation and will tell you how much time it will take prior to installation.


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