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At ICM Projects we understand the essence of a high-quality car wash floor. A car wash floor must meet specific requirements to withstand the heavy loads and chemicals involved.

But how do you select a suitable floor for your car wash, which specific properties should you take into account and what are the options? Let us guide you in creating a high-quality car wash floor.

What properties must a car wash floor have?

Car wash floors are constantly under high pressure. Not only because of the weight of the cars, but also because of the constant contact with liquids, including water, cleaning agents and chemicals.

For these reasons, it is important that a car wash floor meets strict requirements to guarantee a long lifespan. Below we have listed some important requirements that a car wash floor must at least meet.

1. The essence of a liquid-tight floor in a car wash

A liquid-tight car wash floor is essential to prevent water, oil and other liquids from penetrating the underlying foundation.

This prevents damage to the structure and ensures a safe working environment. Our liquid-tight floors meet the strictest standards and provide a sustainable solution for your car wash.

2. High mechanical load on a car wash floor

The floor in a car wash is continuously exposed to high mechanical loads, caused by vehicles driving over it and the moving parts of the washing installation.

All our car wash floors are therefore specially designed to withstand these loads and remain durable and reliable even under intensive use.

3. Why does a car wash floor have to be chemically resistant?

A car wash floor must be resistant to the aggressive chemicals used to clean vehicles. Our car wash floors are chemically resistant and ensure that the floor remains protected against the influences of cleaning agents and other chemicals for a long time.

4. Laundry floor must be non-slip

Safety comes first in a car wash. A non-slip surface is therefore essential to prevent accidents, especially in an environment where water and cleaning agents are present. Selecting a floor with a non-slip finish is therefore essential for a safe working environment.

Which floors are suitable as a car wash floor?

At ICM Projects we offer various floor solutions for car washes that meet the strictest requirements with regard to hygiene, load-bearing capacity and liquid tightness. Below we discuss the popular choices of floors that can serve as car wash floors:

Epoxy floor

An epoxy floor is emerging as the undisputed champion for any car wash, for several reasons. First of all, the seamless surface provides an impenetrable barrier against liquids, ensuring that oil, water and cleaning agents don’t have a chance to seep through.

This impressive liquid density goes hand in hand with an astonishing mechanical load capacity, allowing the epoxy floor to withstand the daily flow of vehicles and effortlessly carry the weight of heavy machinery.

Polyurethane (PU) cast floor

The PU cast floor is an ideal choice for a car wash floor, due to its impressive durability and sleek, aesthetic finish. This floor is specially designed to withstand the aggressive chemicals and intensive use that are characteristic of a car wash environment.

In addition, the PU floor offers excellent resistance to wear, which is essential for maintaining a professional appearance over time.

Trowel floor

A trowel floor is the ideal choice for a car wash floor, due to its exceptional robustness and durability. Due to the unique composition of synthetic resins and quartz sands, this floor is able to withstand even the heaviest loads.

In addition, the trowel floor provides an impenetrable barrier against liquids, so that any chemicals in a car wash have no chance of penetrating the underlying structures.

This not only ensures a longer lifespan of the floor, but also guarantees a safe and hygienic environment for efficient vehicle cleaning.

MMA floor system

The MMA floor system offers an unparalleled solution for car washes, thanks to its unique combination of properties. With an impressively fast curing time, the car wash is operational again very quickly after installation.

This floor is like a sentinel against the aggressive attacks of chemicals, which is essential in the demanding environment of a car wash. In addition, the MMA floor excels in its mechanical load capacity, which means it stands the test of time and contributes to efficient and sustainable business operations.

Choose a custom car wash floor from ICM Projects

Make your car wash shine with the unparalleled quality of a car wash floor from ICM Projects. Discover the perfect combination of durability, functionality and aesthetics. Take the first step towards a liquid-tight, chemical-resistant and anti-slip floor today.

Request a no-obligation quote immediately for an accurate price indication or make an appointment for an on-site visit. Contact ICM Projects for more information about our high-quality flooring solutions for the automotive industry.

Which floor for a laundry box?

We recommend a liquid-tight floor for a laundry box, such as an epoxy floor or a trowel floor. These floors offer optimal protection against liquids and are resistant to the mechanical stress of vehicles.

Which floor for a car wash?

Epoxy floors, PU cast floors, trowel floors and MMA floor systems are excellent choices for a car wash. They all meet the specific requirements of a car wash and offer sustainable solutions.

What are the costs for a car wash floor?

The costs for a car wash floor can vary depending on the type of floor chosen, the surface area and any additional options. Please feel free to contact us for a tailor-made quote without obligation.


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