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As a leading flooring company, we at ICM Projects understand better than anyone else how essential a high-quality butcher’s floor is. Our expertise in floor installation ensures that we can deliver the perfect butcher’s shop floor that meets all your requirements.

But how do you find the best butcher shop floor that meets both the applicable standards for floors in the food processing industry and the aesthetic requirements for your butcher shop? On this page we tell you everything you need to know about butcher’s floors so that you find the right one for your butcher’s shop.

What requirements must a butcher’s shop floor meet?

A butcher’s floor must meet strict requirements to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment. Some important requirements are:

  • Liquid tightness (VVV declaration)
  • Resilient and tear-resistant
  • Seamless surface
  • Anti-slip properties
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Hygienic (HACCP guidelines)

At ICM Projects we understand the specific needs of butcher shops and ensure that our floors meet all these requirements.

Choose a floor that meets the HACCP guidelines

The HACCP guidelines are of great importance in the food processing industry, including butchers. A floor that meets these guidelines is an absolute must.

The HACCP guidelines have been drawn up to ensure food safety. It is therefore important that a butcher’s floor meets these guidelines. At ICM Projects we offer various options for floors that meet HACCP standards:

Cast floors

A cast floor, seamless and without joints, offers an excellent solution for butcher shops where hygiene is of the utmost importance. The smooth surface prevents dirt and bacteria from hiding, making the floor easy to clean.

In addition, a cast floor meets the highest hygiene requirements, which is essential in an environment where food preparation is central. You can choose from epoxy cast floors and polyurethane cast floors.

Floor coating

Floor coatings are a well-considered choice for butcher shops, where hygiene and sustainability are crucial. Thanks to the excellent protection against liquids, blood and other liquids are prevented from seeping into the floor. This guarantees a clean and safe working environment.

In addition, a floor coating is easy to maintain, which significantly reduces cleaning time and increases productivity. All this makes it not only a cost-effective, but also an extremely practical solution for the demanding environment of a butcher’s shop.

Trowel floors

A trowel floor is distinguished by its extraordinary durability and excellent resistance to heavy loads. These features are a seamless match with the demanding environment of a butcher’s shop, where daily activities often take a toll on the floor.

The robust nature of the trowel floor comes into its own in these heavily used areas, withstanding not only the weight of meat and tools, but also the constant movement of foot traffic.

In addition, the seamless finish of the trowel floor is an important advantage, as it is easy to clean and effortlessly maintains hygienic standards in the butcher shop.

MMA floors

An MMA floor is the ideal choice for a butchery environment because of its unique properties. Thanks to the fast curing process, this floor is ready for use in no time, allowing business activities in the butcher shop to be resumed quickly.

MMA floors can also easily withstand extreme conditions, an indispensable feature for a floor that is exposed to water, meat juices and temperature fluctuations on a daily basis. This floor meets the strictest requirements, which is essential in an industry where hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance.

The combination of quick installation, durability and compliance to strict standards makes the MMA floor the perfect choice for any butchery looking for a floor that is both practical and professional.

Tiled floors

A tiled floor is the perfect choice for butcher shops because of its unique properties that seamlessly match the specific requirements of this business space. A tiled floor exudes a timeless and classic appearance, which enhances the professional ambiance of a butcher’s shop.

But that’s not all, because a tiled floor is also known for its exceptional durability, which is an essential property in an environment where intensive work is done every day.

The smooth surface of the tiles makes cleaning effortless, meaning hygiene can always be maintained at the highest level. This is an absolute priority in every butcher shop.

A liquid-tight floor is a requirement for butchery floors

A butcher’s floor must not only be hygienic, but also impermeable. This means that moisture must not penetrate the substrate. With a liquid-tight floor you prevent liquids from seeping into the floor, which is essential in an environment where food is handled. This guarantees hygiene and food safety.

Hygienic butcher shop floor from ICM Projects

At ICM Projects we have years of experience in installing hygienic and sustainable butcher shop floors. Our experts are happy to help you find the right floor for your company. We supply different types of floors that meet all requirements of the HACCP guidelines and other laws and regulations.

Do you need help choosing the most suitable floor for your company? Please feel free to contact us for advice. If necessary, you can schedule an appointment for an on-site visit. Based on an inspection, we can advise you on the best flooring solution for your butcher shop.

Why do butcher shop floors have to be liquid-tight?

Butcher’s floors must be liquid-tight to prevent liquids from seeping into the floor. This is essential in a food handling environment to ensure hygiene and safety.

How long does it take to install a butcher’s floor?

The length of time it takes to install a butcher’s floor depends on several factors, including the type of flooring and the size of the room. At ICM Projects we strive to work efficiently without compromising on quality, and we will provide you with a realistic estimate of installation time in advance.

What are the costs for a butcher’s shop floor?

The costs for a butcher’s floor can vary depending on the type of floor chosen, the size of the room and any specific requirements. At ICM Projects we offer tailor-made solutions and provide you with a detailed quote based on your specific needs.


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