September, 2021

880 M2 Hotel Not Hotel Rotterdam

Get ready to perform

We always start with a good foundation, so we poured and leveled cement screeds. Because each room in the hotel has a completely different style, we made many different types of floors. For example, we laid wood floors and made cementitious and PMMA floors. We also added baseboards to all the rooms. In the kitchen, we specifically chose a hollow baseboard. While doing the various jobs, we were working with many different subcontractors at the same time. No problem, we make a party out of that too!

Do you wanna celebrate projects with us?

1-4- 211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0334 Vertical Swimming
1-17-211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0144 exterior wish you a nice stay
1-8-211105-HnH-Rotterdam-Kamer_4_5-exterieur eclectic landscape-1
1-12-211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0316 Bookcases upstairs
1-22-211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0184 exterior Castle Not Castle
1-20-211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0441 Jesus Malverde
1-3-211105-HnH-Rotterdam-vertical swimming pool
1-1-211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0408 square 1 lobby
1-13-211105-HnH-Rotterdam-kamer_1-5 exterior secret book bath
1-11-211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0249 Invisible exterior
1-14-211105-HnH-Rotterdam-kamer_1-4 exterior secret book bath
1-21-211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0494 Jesus Malverde
211105-HnH-Rotterdam-kamer_1-2 Secret Book Bath
211105-HnH-Rotterdam-kamer_1-3 Secret Book Bath
211105-HnH-Rotterdam-kamer_3-2 Candy house
211105-HnH-Rotterdam-Jesus Malverde-2
211124-HnH_Rotterdam-0220 cuckoo clock interior
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