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A dental floor is an important part of a dental practice. The floor must not only be hygienic, durable and easy to maintain, but also match the appearance and atmosphere of the practice. A good dental floor contributes to the comfort and safety of both the dentist and the patient.

But which floors are suitable for a dental practice? And what should you pay attention to when choosing a dental floor? On this page we give you all the information you need to find the best dental floor for your practice.

What are the requirements for the floor finishing at a dentist?

The floor finish at a dental practice must meet specific requirements to ensure optimal hygiene and safety. We have listed the most important requirements for dental floors for you below:

  • Easy to clean and disinfect;
  • Wear-resistant and resistant to chemicals;
  • Anti-slip to prevent falls;
  • Seamless to prevent dirt build-up;
  • Sufficient sound insulation for a quiet environment.

Which floors are suitable for dental practices?

There are different types of floors that are suitable for dental practices. The choice of flooring depends on the function and location of the room. For example, there are different requirements for the floor in the treatment room than for the floor in the waiting room. We therefore discuss the most suitable floors for the different rooms in a dental practice.

Suitable dentist floors for the treatment room

The treatment room is the room where the dentist examines and treats the patient. This space must meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene, sustainability and safety.

A floor for the treatment room must therefore be liquid-tight, seamless, wear-resistant, anti-slip and sound-absorbing. There are a number of floor types that meet these properties and are therefore suitable for use in the treatment room.

Epoxy cast floors

An epoxy cast floor is the ideal choice for the treatment room of a dental practice, where hygiene and functionality are crucial. The seamless, liquid-tight composition keeps the floor free of moisture and dirt and is easy to clean and disinfect.

In addition, the epoxy floor offers wear-resistant protection against intensive use and chemical agents, while the anti-slip properties provide the necessary grip during treatments.

Trowel floors

With its unique properties, a trowel floor is the ideal choice for the floor of a dental treatment room. Thanks to its liquid tightness, the floor remains impermeable to moisture and dirt, which is essential for a hygienic environment.

The anti-slip properties of the floor ensure a safe environment for both the dentist and the patient. While the sound-absorbing character ensures that disturbing noises are kept to a minimum.

Linoleum floors

A linoleum floor is the ideal choice for a dental practice, given the unique demands of a treatment room. With its natural composition of linseed oil, wood flour and resin, it provides a liquid-tight barrier that effortlessly repels moisture and dirt.

The seamless surface of linoleum is not only easy to clean, but also easy to disinfect, which is an indispensable property for a hygienic environment.

Furthermore, the hard-wearing nature of linoleum guarantees lasting resistance to intensive use, while its non-slip properties provide essential grip for both the dentist and patient.

Suitable dentist floors for the waiting room

The patient waits in the waiting room for his or her appointment with the dentist. This space must meet the requirements in terms of hygiene, comfort and atmosphere.

A floor in the waiting room of a dental practice must therefore be hygienic, easy to maintain, sound-absorbing and aesthetic. We discuss some popular options for waiting room floors below.

PU cast floor

PU cast floors offer the ideal solution for the floor in a waiting room of a dental practice. Thanks to its liquid-tight properties, the floor remains impeccable, free of moisture and dirt.

With its seamless and easy-to-clean surface, this floor provides a hygienic environment that is easy to disinfect. In addition, the sound-absorbing PU cast floor dampens the sound of footsteps and voices, so that the waiting room maintains a quiet atmosphere.

PVC floor

A PVC floor is the ideal choice for the waiting room of a dental practice because of its unique properties. First of all, the liquid tightness of PVC ensures that moisture or dirt cannot penetrate the floor, which is essential in a room where hygiene is paramount.

In addition, the seamless finish makes a PVC floor effortless to clean and disinfect, which is a valuable advantage in an environment where sterility is of great importance.

The aesthetic versatility of PVC floors makes it possible to choose a floor that fits seamlessly with the design and style of the practice. This way you create a harmonious and professional appearance for your practice.

Vinyl floor

A vinyl floor offers an ideal solution for the waiting room of a dental practice. Thanks to its liquid tightness, it forms a barrier against moisture and dirt. This is essential in an environment where hygiene is paramount.

In addition, the floor’s seamless finish makes it effortless to clean and disinfect, which contributes to a clean and safe environment for patients.

The vinyl floor also dampens sound, keeping the noise of voices and footsteps to a minimum. This creates a calm atmosphere in the waiting room.


Carpet is an excellent choice for a dental office waiting room floor for several reasons. First of all, it contributes to a hygienic environment by effectively trapping dust, pollen and allergens, which improves air quality.

In addition, carpet is easy to maintain, with simple vacuuming and cleaning options, which is essential in a busy practice. The sound-absorbing character also ensures that footsteps and voice sounds are absorbed.

High-quality dental practice floor from ICM Projects

At ICM Projects we understand the importance of a floor that meets the specific requirements of a dental practice. Our floors are carefully selected and installed to meet the highest standards of hygiene, safety and sustainability.

Would you like to know more about our dental floors? Please contact us for a no-obligation quote or personal consultation. We are happy to help you create the best floor for your project.

How much does a dental floor cost at ICM Projects?

The costs for a dental floor vary depending on the type of floor and the size of the room. Contact us for a tailor-made quote without obligation.

How long does it take to install a dental floor?

The duration of the installation depends on the chosen floor type and the size of the project. On average, we can professionally install a dental floor within a few days.

What is the best dental floor for my practice?

The best dental floor depends on several factors, including the type of space, intensity of use and personal preferences. Our experts are ready to advise you and help you make the right choice.


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