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ICM Projects’ expertise extends to installing high-quality cold room floors that meet the strictest standards. A well-chosen cold room floor is essential for the efficient operation and safety of the cold room.

It is important to know what requirements a safe and hygienic cold room floor must meet, so that you know what options are available. You can then select a suitable floor for a cold room based on your wishes and budget. We will help you get started.

What minimum requirements must a cold room floor meet?

A cold room floor must meet various requirements to function optimally in a cooled environment. Below we list the most important ones:

  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations: the floor must be able to withstand the varying temperatures in the cold room.
  • Liquid-tight: a cold room floor must prevent liquids from penetrating the underlying construction, in order to guarantee hygiene.
  • Wear resistance: due to the intensive use in a cold room, a wear-resistant floor is crucial.
  • Non-slip properties: the floor must provide sufficient grip to prevent slipping, even in damp conditions.

Which floors can serve as a cold room floor?

There are various floor systems that are suitable as cold room floors. At ICM Projects we offer a selection of high-quality options, each with their own unique benefits:

MMA floor

The unrivaled property of fast curing makes the MMA floor an unmistakable choice. This means that the cold room can be operational again in the blink of an eye after installation.

In addition, this floor is distinguished by its liquid tightness, which is a crucial aspect for an environment in which possible leaks must be avoided. The wear resistance of the MMA floor offers a sustainable solution that can withstand the constant load of materials and vehicles in the cold room.

Trowel floor

The trowel floor, a feat of skill and innovation, is emerging as a true powerhouse in the world of floor coverings. Its unique composition of various layers forms the foundation of its unprecedented load-bearing capacity, a quality that proves to be of inestimable value in cold rooms.

Withstanding the most heavy loads, the trowel floor effortlessly defies the test of time, while its surface remains resistant to the aggressive attack of chemicals.

Epoxy cast floor

The epoxy cast floor forms a seamless shield that functions as a custom solution for cold rooms. Its unparalleled liquid tightness guarantees optimal protection against the challenges that a cold room floor faces every day.

This makes epoxy floors not only easy to clean, but they also offer unparalleled resistance to the stress of intensive use.

The epoxy cast floor is emerging as an indispensable companion for cold rooms, where it withstands liquids like an impenetrable fortress, without compromising on durability and ease of maintenance.

Epoxy floor coating

An epoxy floor coating forms a seamless, liquid-tight protective layer that perfectly meets the specific requirements of a cold room floor. Due to its thin but exceptionally strong composition, it not only offers durability, but also a cost-efficient solution for upgrading your floor.

In addition, this coating protects against wear, which is essential in an environment where intensive use and temperature fluctuations are common. Thanks to this unique combination of properties, an epoxy floor coating is the ideal choice for a durable, reliable and functional cold room floor.

Important things to consider when selecting a cold room floor

When selecting a cold room floor, there are several things you should take into account:

  • Temperature range: check whether the chosen floor can withstand the specific temperatures in the cold room.
  • Load: determine the expected load in the cold room to choose a floor that meets this requirement.
  • Ease of cleaning: a liquid-tight floor significantly simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Budget: tailor the choice of floor to the available budget.

HACCP floor is required for a cold room

A HACCP floor is essential in an environment where food is handled. This floor meets the strictest hygiene standards and prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating.

At ICM Projects we ensure that your cold room floor fully complies with the HACCP guidelines. This ensures a hygienic and safe working environment and prevents food contamination.

Hygienic cold room floor from ICM Projects

Now that you know more about the options for cold room floors, it may be time to make a choice. However, we understand that you may need some extra expertise to make a final choice.

Contact us for personal advice or schedule an appointment for an on-site visit. Together we will discuss your wishes and requirements and advise you on the best options.

Why a liquid-tight floor in a cold room?

A liquid-tight floor is essential in a cold room to ensure hygiene. This floor prevents liquids from penetrating the underlying construction, preventing dirt accumulation and bacterial growth.

What is the price of a cold room floor per m2?

The price of a cold room floor can vary depending on the chosen floor system, the surface area and any preparatory work. Contact ICM Projects for an accurate custom quote.

How much time does it take to install a cold room floor?

The duration of the installation of a cold room floor depends on various factors, including the chosen floor system and the size of the room. Our experts at ICM Projects will inform you in advance about the expected duration of the project.


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